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There are 39 manufacturers in this Garden Hose category, the follows are 21 - 39 [Page 2]:
Listings of Garden Hose Manufacturers & Garden Hose Suppliers

Stormtek Industrial Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

we provide airtools, air sanders, hands tools sets, air & crimping tools & cutters, abrasive & air compressor tools & belt sanders, air brushes, pneumatic drills & grinders & hammers, air impact tools, air paint spray guns, air ratchet wrenches, air screwdrivers, air spray gun, air tool accessory, air tool parts, air wrench, brad nailers, chipping hammers, disc sanders, impact wrenches, nail guns, orbital sanders, palm sanders, air & pneumatic grease guns, pneumatic staplers, random orbit sanders, air die g...

Omen Industrial Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

industrial valve & pipe fittings, PVC fitting- (1) PVC valves- ball & foot valves, spring check & butterfly valves, unions, compression couplings, TS flanges, reducing tees, faucet sprayers & faucets, PVC elbows, floor drains, PPR & single union ball valves, true union ball valves, double unions, gate & stop valves, plastic & industrial valves, brass valves, plumbing fittings, tank connectors. (2) sprinklers- impulse, plastic & metal, garden sprinklers, , lawn, water, sprinkler heads, sprinkler systems, hos...

Chuan Yi Plastic Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

lawn and garden tool, gardening tools, automobile parts ( steering system )- accessories for aqua tools, garden hose set, one-handle 6-function aqua piston.card-packed aqua piston, lawn and garden.aqua piston ( water nozzle ), trigger nozzle, spray wand, sprinklers, lawn sprinkler, plastic hose connector, brass hose connectors, mouse terminator, picnic table, recoiling hose, hose reel.

Some Chances Industrial Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

(1) clearning commodity- rapid dry activated clearning clothes, clearning brush.
(2) garden tools- multi- usage hose sprinkler, garden water sprinklers.
(3) computer peripheral, accessoires- otical glass crt filter( multi- funtion screen),
filter with copy holder, mouse holder, CD holder.
(4) office supplies- organizer stand.(5) DIY handicraft art products,
wooden stick for ice cream bar, gift, giftware, and home appliance etc..

Shen Yu Plastic Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

A professional manufacturer of plastic home garden tools, such as scoops, home garden sets, hose hangers, fences, gardening accessory, garden tool kits, plastics gardening tools, garden tools for children, shovels, leaf rakes, spades, trowels, mini tine cultivators (hand forks, weeders), hose hanger ties & stands, dibbers, flat plant ties, stable clips, handy-spreaders, EVA knee pads, DIY (do it yourself) self sticking reflective strips, non slip strips, adjustable watering spikes, reflex luminescent fence ...

Great Rubber Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

silicon rubber keypad, silicone rubber keypad, telephone keypads, plastic & membrane & conductive rubber keyboards, rubber pad, rubber roller, electronic rollers, o ring, o-rings, gaskets, oil seal, heat sinks, rubber foot, membranes, garden hoses, inter connectors, hose reels, heatsinks, medical gadget, healthcare gadgets, best o ring & custom molded rubber parts.

Feng Rui Chen Rubber-Plastic Products Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

soaker hoses, fire hoses, PVC garden hoses, enforcement hoses, spiral hoses, single transparent hoses, PVC air hoses, rubber belts, rubber-plastic products.

Weifang Kexing Plastic Products Limited Company : Garden Hose

PVC hoses, PVC steel-knitted screw strengthen soft hoses, PVC fiber strengthen soft hoses, PVC transparent soft hoses, PVC garden hoses.

Guang Lv Gardening Facilities Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

hand tools ( handtools), garden ( lawn, horticultural) tools- (1) sprinklers, water spray guns. (2) watering accessory ( accessories)- plastic hose end connectors. (3) brass products- adjustable nozzles, aqua ( water) guns, tap adaptors ( adapters). (4) others- portable hose reels, hose clamps, metal tripods, grass shears, packings.

Gui Yo Industrial Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

We offer (1) combo & hose connector sets, front & metal trigger nozzles & connectors, tap adapters, twist nozzles, hand tools, garden watering tool kits. (2) sprinklers- oscillating & zinc pulsating sprinklers, turret & rotary sprinklers, pulsating sprinklers, fan sprays, hose reels sets, leaf collectors, hose guides, plastic step spikes, conduits, pot sprinklers. (3) hose connectors- distributors, repair & thread quick connecters, hose couplings, hose menders, garden hose fitting, water stop hose connector...

Zhejiang Tiantai Helen Garden Tools Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

soaker hoses, PVC garden hoses, PVC fibre strengthened tubes, plastic water joints, and PVC langmei door mats.

Friendly Manufacturers Corporation : Garden Hose

gifts ( giftware, giveaway, promotion, promotional items, premium) products & home decoration accessory- (1) polyresin material products- birdfeeders, birdbaths, candle holders, polyresin figurines, wall sconces, clocks, timepieces, thermometers, decorations, fountains, mirrors, planters, urns, rain gauges, stepping stones, sundials, wall decoration, figures. (2) ceramic material products- tableware, ceramic sculptures. (3) cast iron material products- bells, cookbook stands, door stops, fences, gardening l...

Pun Teh Industrial Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

(1) pneumatic & hydraulic fittings.
(2) quick couplers- brass/ steel / stainless steel quick couplers.
(3) tubing & accessory/ accessories- hose fitting, polyurethane hose, PU tubes, polyurethane tubes/ tubing, plastic tubing, polyurethane coil tubes, nylon tubes.
(4) air dusters & sets.
(5) brass fittings- CTC ( straight male connectors ), CTL ( male stud elbows ), CTD ( male stud run tees ).
(6) garden/ gardening hoses & accessory/ accessories- water garden hoses, air h...

Fuhua Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

soak hoses, PVC steel-wire reinforced hoses, PVC clear level hoses, PVC high pressure spray hoses, PVC lay flat hoses, PVC air hoses PVC garden hoses and accessories, rubber belts, and rubber hoses.

Shanghai Chuya Industrial Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

PVC hoses, nylon tubes, PU tubes, PU and PVC braided pipes, garden hoses, special tubes, automatic hose reels.

Chin How Taiwan Inc. : Garden Hose

garden tool, garden hand tool, lawn and gardening/ garden tools manufacturing, tool kits and accessory/ accessories- garden pruners & pruning shears, flat hose reels, flat hose, car washing set, hose connectors & timer sprayers and sprinklers, spray wands, garden implements, fences, hand tools and outdoor products.

Yong Yen Metal Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

garden tools, connectors, garden hoses, hose nozzle, sprinklers, hose connector, brass accessory, flat hose, and plumbing hardware.

Hangzhou Fuyang Xingda Tools Co., Ltd. : Garden Hose

PVC hoses, power discharge hoses, PVC water suction hoses, braid reinforced PVC hoses, garden hoses.

Chia Lun Plastic Industrial : Garden Hose

PVC hose extrusion products- (1) bathroom& plumbing- yarn-wrapped
hoses, jet hoses, heat-resistant yarn hoses, steel/ wire hoses,
textured hoses with external foil layer, smooth hoses with 3-D-look
foil layer. (2) garden accessories- clear reinforced hoses, discharge
hoses, garden hoses, soaker hoses. (3) industrial hoses- hi-pressure
hoses, air compressor hoses, yarn-wrapped hoses, oil resistan hoses,
gas hoses, pvc soft hoses, net hoses, pvc silver foil-wrapped ho...


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