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Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

There are 18 manufacturers in this Shrink Tubing Manufacturer category, the follows are 1 - 18 [Page 1]:
Listings of Shrink Tubing Manufacturer Manufacturers & Shrink Tubing Manufacturer Suppliers

Ta Heng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

A professional manufacturer of UL / CSA wires & cables, coaxial cables, communication cables, complex cables, F mark approved wires, PCM-E1 indoor cables, cat.5e & cat.6 cable, PE-PVC indoor digital (drop, star quad indoor telephone) cables, PVC/ nylon jumper wires, insulation jacket control cables, computer cables, LAN cables, ribbon wires & non-heat shrink cable PVC tubing, shield cables, cable assembly, radio (television, audio/ video appliance, radar, satellite antenna TV, community antenna TV, master a...

Eminentpoly Industries, Inc. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

extrusion (extruded) plastics–(1) hose- soaker hoses, soaker hose, flat, garden, soaker garden, garden seeper, seep, PVC, PVC garden, PVC braided, PVC air, EVA recoil, PU recoil, urethane recoiling, PU air hose, nylon recoil, PVC, PU braided hoses, hydraulic high pressure hoses, brake hoses, gas hoses, coil hoses, garden water hoses, garden water hoses, fuel hoses, twin hoses, spiral hoses. (2) tubes ( tubings)– plastic tubes, PU, nylon and PU cord tubes, PU custom extrusion, vinyl tubing, PP & HDPE tubin...

Shing Fu Packaging Inc. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

Shing Fu provides industrial packaging materials products, such as shrink sleeves, shrink bands, heat shrink films, PVC shrink film, PP films, PE films, PET film, OPS films, PVC cap seals, shrink wrap film, bands and sleeves, and so forth.

Dynapak Plastics Inc. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

Manufacturer of plastic packing materials, including PVC shrinkable label, PVC shrinkable bag, PVC shrinkable tube or cup seal, PETG shrinkable film, PVC shrinkable film and centerfold, vinyl films, etc.

Union Polymer Material Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

shrink tubing, automotive wiring harness, cable accessory, moulded part, heat shrinkable tape

Ever Smiling Inc. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

(1) electronic, electric components- motor protector, thermal switch, battery packing protector, compressor protectors& starter, contactor, thermal cut- off, PTC& NTC, bearings.
(2) heat resistant special wires- silicone rubber insulated electrical wrie, PVC, PE insulated electrical wire, teflon insulated electrical wire, automobile tension wire.
(3) electric insulation materials- insulated tubings, heat shrinkable tubings, silicone fiber braided tubings, PVC insulated tubings.
(4) term...

Allen Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

Manufacturer of packing machines & materials such as calenders, extruder & blow machinery, hot-melt OPP labeling machine, plastic products converting machines, PVC shrink films, shrinkable tubings, shrink label, HDPE bag, heat shrink films, PLA sheets, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, cap seals, poly & vacuum bags,

Super Flex. Enterprises Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

Manufacturer of tubings & joint- flexible joints, expansion joints, stainless steel joints, rubber joints, universal joints, aluminum tubings, flexible metal tubings, heat shrink tubings, silicone tubings, flexible tubes, expansion tubes, stainless steel tubes, rubber tubes, rubber hoses, flexible metal hoses, industrial hoses.

Cable Tie Cable Clamp- Favortron Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

Manufacturer and exporter of electronic passive components, wiring accessories, stainless steel & releasable cable tie, cable clips & clamps, nylon & plastic cable tie, cable ties tools & mounts, wire holders & plastic clips, wrapping bands, twist locks, plastic bushings, cord & snap bushing, bushing tool, brass cable glands, plastic hole & rubber hole plugs, hole metal plugs, wiring duct, wire nuts & cables connectors, close end connecters, screw on connectors, LED holder & housing, transistor & screw wash...

Taiwan Golden Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

electronic components & parts- (1) sumi tubes, longwell heat shrinkable tubes, heat shrinking sleeves, UL pet heat shrinkable tubes. (2) heat resisting insulation tubes- polyflex expandable monfilament sleeving, flexible silicone varnish fiberglass tubing, silicone rubber insulation tubing, varnished tetoron tubing, glass sleeving slicon rubber sleeving, pull tapes. (3) teflon tubes & taped, teflon sheets, chukoh FLO products. (4) EMI and RFI series- electrically conductive fabric tapes, conductive copper &...

Yueqing Huayi Cable Accessories Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

shrink tubing, heat shrinkable bus bar tubing, bus bar shield, heat shrinkable thin tubing, dual wall tube and medium wall & heavy all tubing, yellow & green tubing, heat shrinkable insulation tape, end caps cable ties, cable gland.

Mianyang Prochema Plastics Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

PFA shink tubes ( tubings), PTFE heat shrinkable tube, teflon, ITO transparent conductive film, transparent EMI shielding films, colored special polyester film, printing polyester films, insulating PET film, ptfe glass cloth, touch screen, EL sheet, EL lights, EL lamps, EL panels, EL road sign & exist light, flame-resistance PC film, solar cell charger, solar PV panels, solar cells.

K.E.& Kingstone Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

(1) furniture accessories including windows coverings,
display fixtures.
(2) plastic& rubber products including plastic extrusion products,
rubberized asphalt sheets, plastic finished products,
plastic carpet protectors, plastic heat shrinkable tubing&

Shanghai China Kinwa Science and Technology Develop Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

shrink tubing, polyolefin, fluoropolymer, elastomer, and PVC heat shrink based materials in thin, medium and heavy walled tubing as well as heat shrink accessories.

Shiun Long Plstic Co., Ltd. : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

(1) industrial plastic packing material & products- shrink tubes ( tubing), shrink films, shrink labels, shrink label, wood grains, wood grain, hot & wood patterned shrinking tubes, shrink tubes, non heat paint shrinking tubes, PET & PVC hot shirking tubes, PE soft hot shrinking tubes, iron chain shrinking tubes, snow land marking shrinking tubes, outdoor & indoors & anti erosion plastic shrinking tubes, hot shrinking bags and foils, packaging ( packing) films. (2) machinery ( equipments)- hot shrinking oil...

Pioneer-tech Company Limited : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

shrink tubing, plastic part, fuse, fuse accessory, damper and door latch ( latches), surge protector, arrestor, switches.

Yun Chi Plastics Fabrication : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

plastic packaging materials including PVC shrinkable tubing/ labels, shrinkable PVC films/ bags,
PP/ POF films, co- extrusion, lamination, PETG shrink tubing/ films etc..

Dasheng Corporation : Shrink Tubing Manufacturer

packaging materials including heat shrinkable tubing materials.


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