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Stainless Medical Tubing

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Listings of Stainless Medical Tubing Manufacturers & Stainless Medical Tubing Suppliers

Lih Kuang Industry Co., Ltd. : Stainless Medical Tubing

1. Stock shapes of rods, tubes, sheets and parts of diversified high-performance plastic composites which have the characteristics of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and anti-chemical corrosion, such as, Polyimide (Vespel), PEEK, PEKK, PBI, PEI, PPS, Teflon, TPI, POM, Nylon (PA), PP, Kapton, PI and PE.
2. Specification Parts: Self-lubricant bearings, wear-resistant bushes (sleeves), films (PI film, Kapton film) and balls made of variety materials, such as POM, PA, PP, GLASS, Silicon Nitri...

Minglida Group : Stainless Medical Tubing

We manufacture many kinds of industrial supplies, such as die castings, plastic molds, aluminum alloy castings, aluminum ( aluminium) extrusions, aluminum alloy & bronze castings, aluminum gravity & pressure die castings, body castings, casting die molds, custom iron castings, progressive dies, wax castings, copper alloys, gray ductile irons, phosphor and silicon bronzes, tool steel castingsand castings, casting materials, die casting radiators, casting molds, custom injection mold makings, injection moldin...

Shanghai Carelife International Trading Co., Ltd. : Stainless Medical Tubing

stainless medical tubing, stainless medical tubings, medical injection products, surgical dressings, protective wears, diagnostic instruments, medical rubbers, catheters, laboratory products, mobility products.

Hsin Hsin Metals Co., Ltd. : Stainless Medical Tubing

thin stainless steel tubes- (1) micro- probing needles, 304 stainless steel tubings, 304 stainless steel tube, steel tubes, various irregular- shpaed stainless steel tubes, metal tubes ( tubings). (2) medical instrument tubes, antenna tubes, light-industry equipment tubes. (3) electronics & thermocouple tubes, optical fiber coupling instruments tubes, computer components tubes. (4) siphons, pen & capillary tubes, thermometers tubes. (5) electrode tubes, multi-holed electrode stainless steel tubings, coolant...

Kuen Chi Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Stainless Medical Tubing

Manufacturer of stainless antennas, telescopic pens, telescoping tool, telescopic magnetic pick up tool, inspection mirrors, stainless steel bbq fork, stainless steel tubing, pickup tools, telescopic pick-up tool, BBQ tool, perforated stainless steel tubing, stainless steel tubing, bevel cutting stainless steel tubing, stainless tubing, stainless medical tubings, telescopic wand. OEM and ODM.

Nantong Angel Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. : Stainless Medical Tubing

stainless medical tubing, stainless medical tubings, foley catheters, latex penrose tubes, external male catheters.

Zhejiang Yusheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. : Stainless Medical Tubing

stainless medical tubing, stainless medical tubings, syringes, infusion setins, vaginal speculums, flushers, extension tubes, injector needles, infusion sets with brrette, insulin special syringes, self destruction syringes.


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