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Metallurgical Microscopes

There are 6 manufacturers in this Metallurgical Microscopes category, the follows are 1 - 6 [Page 1]:
Listings of Metallurgical Microscopes Manufacturers & Metallurgical Microscopes Suppliers

Ningbo Yongxin Optics Co., Ltd. : Metallurgical Microscopes

(1) optical microscope and related accessories- biological microscopes, inverted fluorescent microscope, motorized autofocus microscope, polarizing microscopes, portable measuring microscope, comparison microscopes, digital stereo microscopes, industery microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, stereomicroscope ( stereo microscope), eyepieces, viewing heads, mechanical stage, condensers, objectives, cold light illuminations, annular illuminator, attachments. (2) optics components- spherical lenses, UV-IR/IR-C...

Beijing Scientific Instruments & Materials Corp. : Metallurgical Microscopes

XPD series change steps stereo microscopes, metallurgical-microscopes, syringe pumps, electrocardiograph, ultrasonic flaw detectors, microplate washers, pH meters, auto chemistry analyzers,

Powerteks Enterprise Corp. : Metallurgical Microscopes

Manufacturer of hand power tools, electric bevellers, electrical drills, electronic mixers, electric shears, polisher saws, circular saws, screwdriver machines, dry and wet vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, RO machines, vacuum cleaners, DC motors, carbon brushes, electric auto repair tools, auto body tools, hammer drills, electric screw drivers, torque wrench, metallurgical microscopes, and garden power tool.

Alltion (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd. : Metallurgical Microscopes

optical instruments & products- biological microscopes, digital stereo microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, industrial microscopes, surgery operating microscopes, dental and ENT operating microscopes, ophthalmic operating microscopes, colposcopes, medical scopes, optical lenses and components, microscope accessory ( accessories).


stereo microscopes, micro-measuring software, tool microscopes, optical projectors, micro-image systems, biological microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, video microscopes, measuring microscopes, polarize microscopes, melting-point measuring apparatus, interference microscopes, vertical spectrophotometer, lens centering device, center deflection measuring instruments, Abbe refractometer, micro-sclerometer and goniometer,

Tai Chong Co., Ltd. : Metallurgical Microscopes

industrial ( industry) tools supply ( supplies)- handtools ( hand tools), air ( pneumatic) tools, wrenches, shaft, electric screw drivers, torque wrench, torque screwdrivers, metallurgical microscopes.


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