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Compound Plate

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Listings of Compound Plate Manufacturers & Compound Plate Suppliers

Ashima Ltd. : Compound Plate

Manufacturer of bicycle accessories, including brake shoes, disk brake rotors, bicycle parts, disk brake adapters, MTB brake pads, rim brakes, disk brake, Magura MTB pads, brakes cartridge pads, aluminum backing plates, bicycle components BMX, bicycle brake parts, bicycle, center lock, and etc.

Lih Kuang Industry Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

1. Stock shapes of rods, tubes, sheets and parts of diversified high-performance plastic composites which have the characteristics of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and anti-chemical corrosion, such as, Polyimide (Vespel), PEEK, PEKK, PBI, PEI, PPS, Teflon, TPI, POM, Nylon (PA), PP, Kapton, PI and PE.
2. Specification Parts: Self-lubricant bearings, wear-resistant bushes (sleeves), films (PI film, Kapton film) and balls made of variety materials, such as POM, PA, PP, GLASS, Silicon Nitri...

Zhuhai Harbor Dafa Developing Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

metal grating, rock wool, glass wool, ceramic Wool, calcium silicate, insulating compound, heat resisting & sound absorption & compression resisting compounds, thermal insulation, glass fiber ( fiberglass) textile & yarn, insulating tapes, cement reinforcement mesh, self-adhesive mesh tape, silica fiber, Silica Molten metal filters, silica chopped strands, aluminum cast plates, strips and sheets, embossed & corrugated metal sheet, box rib sheets, rolled steel sheets and coils, flat steel bars, equal angle, ...

Muybien Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

We have devoted in sales and processing of Fluoropolymer products for over 25 years, including (1) Teflon industrial coating- mold for latex glove, tray for LCD, pin hole detection for plating tank, roller, reactor, needles for dispenser. (2) halar coating for stainless steel ducts for semiconductor industry- duct, fittings, hanger for PCB. (3) conveyorized oven coating- gas table, screw and nut, cooking ware. (4) fluorocarbon sheet lining- lined tank, reactor, inside of lined tank, welded tank, lined fitti...

Chengde Disheng Metal Cladding Material Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, composite stainless stell plates, composite plates, stainless stell plates, stell plates, composite materials, composite metal materials.

More Lins Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

packaging materials, chemical materials & products- sealing tapes (applied for telecommunication cables), butyl tapes (applied for metal plate conjunction (the conjunction of aluminum window frame), poly isobutylene tapes, water resistant sealant, butyl rubber & galvanized steel plates, waterproof putty & jelly compound, adhesive rubberized bentonite, bitumen mastic, VN tapes, neoprene rubber tapes, self-bonding tapes (voltage resistance type), hydro swelling rubber tapes, rubber processing aids, BT tapes (...

Jiangyin Litai Ornamental Materials Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, aluminum composite panels, PVDF coating composite panels, fireproof composite panels, nano composite panels, chameleon composite panels, artistic composite panels, granite composite panels, aluminum coils, aluminum sheets(aluminum solid panels), aluminum panel color charts.

Jiangsu Yangzhong Yilida Industrial Plastic Factory : Compound Plate

acetal copolymer products, polyoxymethylene ( polyformaldehyde, POM), Nylon bar, pipes, plates, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Polypropylene( PP) rod , Polyformaldehyde( POM), ABS rod, Macromolecule polyethylene, Rubber sealing products, Polycarbonate pipe
, Rubber compound sealing gasket PTFE.

Ocean Plastics Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

plastic products including PVC sheetings/ films, PVC
leathers, PU leathers, PVC rigid pipes, PVC plates,
PVC resin& compound, materials for application of
electronic parts.

Funme Building Materials Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, PVC wall ornamental plates, PVC plates, PVC wave plates, PVC roofing tiles, accessories.

Shandong FTIF New Building Materials Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, pre-painted steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets, Al-Zinc steel sheets and other special steel, eagle-style light steel structure, H-profile steel, C/Z purline, color-coated corrugated sheets in steel, color-coated glazed roof tiles in steel, bearing boards, high precise slitting and model 500 No-Power ventilator machines.

Qingdao Zhenyu Steel Structure Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, roof composite boards, faucet composite boards, at composite boards, Structure drawings, steel structures, moulding press sheets.

Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, titanium/ nickel reaction kettles, tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, titanium pumps, titanium centrifugal machine, titanium/ nickel standard components, titanium/ nickel pipe fittings, titanium/ nickel wires and titanium fans.

Jiangsu Linuo Decoration Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, aluminum-plastic board series, color group-plastic boards, polyester aluminum-plastic boards, FL carbon aluminum-plastic boards, draw bench aluminum-plastic boards, melamine impregnated papers, decorating papers, wear-resisting papers, balance papers.

Shanghai Yinxia Sheet Co., Ltd. : Compound Plate

compound plates, aluminium composite panels, PC solid sheets, PC hollow profiles, PC studded sheets, accessories.


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