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Dispersion Kneaders

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Jian kwang Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of recycling machines and peripheral products, products include (1) whole plant equipment & recycling equipment- crusher combing with kneader, ( EVA, rubber, TPR) extruding machines, two-color plastic stationary-use plate turnkey plants, water-ring-cutting kneader extruding plants, EVA waste recycling process equipment, two step plastic recycling machine equipment, fan-cooling-cutting kneader extruding plant high speed mixer. (2) peripheral products- dispersion kneaders, mixing roller & laborat

Goldspring Enterprise Inc.

Goldspring was specialized in rubber & plastics machinery-banbury mixers, intensive mixers, dispersion mixers, kneader mixers, rubber extruders, rubber sheet machines, rubber molding machines, golf ball machinery, rubber performers, pelletizers, 2 roll mixing mills, laboratory machineries, strainer extruders, pellet production line plants, rubber tile production line plants, tire and wheel machines, PVC extruding machines, rubber extrusion.

Jing Shiou Enterprise Co.

plastic machinery and equipment, rubber machinery and equipment, kneading machine, dispersion kneader, power granulators, plastic granulator, leather splitting machine, strip cutting machine, grinding machine, slicing machine, whole plant equipment.

Paxton Company Limited

machinery including bale rubber cutters, intensive mixers, dispersion kneaders, rubber plastic
driven mixer machines, stock blenders, batch off machines, calendrs, rubber extruder with strainer& tube heads
exchanging by hydraulic systems, steam heating hydraulic presses, electric heating hydraulic presses,
CM boilers, presure vessels, water chilling plants etc..

Kneader Machinery Co., Ltd.

machines ( machinery) & equipments- dispersion kneaders & mixers, double arm open kneaders & mixers, feeder-ruder pellet making extruders, pelletizers, conveyors ( conveyers), cooling machines, mixing mills, strainers, automatic weight scaling system, super mixers, blenders, rubber & plastic pellet making machinery, rubber & plastic sheet making machinery, BMC compounding & sheet ribbon preforming system.

Jin Kuo Hua Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic processing machines, including dispersion kneaders, plastic pelletizer & kneading machines, plastic machinery, PVC processing machines, P.R pelletinge making machines, pelletinge making machinery, PVC pipes extruder making machines, plastics extrusion machine, tube making machine, PVC profice extruder making machinery, PVC corrugated sheet making machines, sheet extrusion line, PVC processing machine.

Wuxi Yang Ming Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.

dispersion kneader, dispersion kneaders, rubber injection molding machines, vacuum type oil hydraulic molding machines, hydraulic molding machines, KD type pellets making lines, KD type rubber sheets, rubber ribbon making lines.

Yi Tzung Precision Machinery Corp.

plastic machines ( machinery) & rubber processing machinery & equipments - intensive mixers, SPM, dispersion kneaders, laboratory dispersion kneaders, mixing mills, laboratory mills, 2 roll calenders, high speed sheet forming machines, batch off machinery, calender roll, reclaimed rubber machines, stock blenders, high performance raw rubber cutters, bucket conveyors.

Jing Shiou Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of machinery equipments, kneader, dispersion kneader, rubber mixers, kneader mixer, rubber kneaders, kneading machine, dispersion kneader, tilting mixer, rubber machine, rubber mixing machine, mixing roll machine.

Longyan City Ruijing Machienry Co., Ltd.

dispersion kneader, dispersion kneaders, setproduction lines of high fillling, test type pelletizer plants, opening mixing mills, plastics recovery makes particle lines, structure internal anatomies.

Dongsheng Rubber & Plastic Machinery Ruian Zhejiang Co., Ltd.

dispersion kneader, dispersion kneaders, plastics machines, rubber machines, plank materials, slice materials, tube materials, perforating machines, mix color machines, rubber airtight lian machines, plastics airtight lian machines.


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