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Optical Prisms

There are 13 manufacturers in this Optical Prisms category, the follows are 1 - 13 [Page 1]:
Listings of Optical Prisms Manufacturers & Optical Prisms Suppliers

Kenteh Optical Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

Manufacturer of color & optical filters, optical lenses, converging lens, spotlight & diverging lens, optical glass & biconcave lens, biconvex lenses, band pass fitters, beam splitters, substrates, optical coatings, reflection mirrors, prisms, IR & UV lens and filters, camera filters, CCD camera lenses, aspherical lenses, concave & convex lens, telescope lens, digital camera lenses, cellular phones lenses, infrared filters, orange & brown & heat absorbing, IR transmitting & blue glasses (IR cut glass), blac...

Ningbo Yongxin Optics Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

(1) optical microscope and related accessories- biological microscopes, inverted fluorescent microscope, motorized autofocus microscope, polarizing microscopes, portable measuring microscope, comparison microscopes, digital stereo microscopes, industery microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, stereomicroscope ( stereo microscope), eyepieces, viewing heads, mechanical stage, condensers, objectives, cold light illuminations, annular illuminator, attachments. (2) optics components- spherical lenses, UV-IR/IR-C...

Azure Photonics Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

optical components- (1) objectives- mega-pixel machine vision lenses, IR lenses, CCD Mini lenses, motorized zoom lenses, lens accessories, OEM & ODM lenses. (2) optical filters- machine vision filters, color bandpass filters, longpass / colors filters, infrared pass & visible block filters, medical filter ( for biomedicals analyzer, microplate reader, coafqulation analyzer), beamsplitter plates, laser filter, interference edge filter. (3) diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers, diode laser modules and laser...

Litefilm Tech Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

optical coating, optical coatings- (1) surveillances camera systems, optical fiber coating components- optical filter, optical filters, CCTV camera, CCTV cameras, CCTV cameras systems, DVR CCTV camera lens, pigtail & two beam broad AR coating, WDM filters, fiber connect & ball lens AR coating, waterproof IR CCD cameras, color IR cameras, waterproof cameras, IR ( infrared ray) security cameras, miniature cameras, dome cameras, proof dome cameras. (2) COMOS & IR cover glass- no particle and no chip cover glas...

Ningbo Zhenhai Hongguang Optical Instrument Factory : Optical Prisms

magnifying glasses, culars, condensing lens, various, spherical glass and optical prisms, compasses.

Fortune Optronics Inc. : Optical Prisms

optics products- optical filter, optical windows, spherical lenses, prism, cylindrical lenses, beamsplitters, metallic coated mirrors, optical filter, aspherical lenses, condenser lenses, diffraction grating, coating, riflescope, LiNbO3 crystal, conversion lenses, rod lenses, optical design, laser, led cups, crystal.

Foctek Photonics, Inc. : Optical Prisms

optical filters, optical components, crystal components, micro optics, optical windows, penta prisms, right angle prisms, roof prisms, dove prism, corner cubes (retro reflector), glan taylor polarizers, glan laser polarizers, glan thompson polarizers, wollaston polarizers, rochon polarizers, quartz waveplates, polarization rotators, beam splitters, polarization beamsplitter cubes, spherical lens, cylindrical lens, filters.

Taiwan Basin Industrial Corp. : Optical Prisms

construction, building material- plastic sheets and products- PS,
MS or PMMA sheets, lighting diffuser, prismatic diffuser,
printing PS decorative sheets, lighting fixtures, shower door panel,
shower cabinet panels, PS ceiling lighting louvers by- fold doors,
plastic panels, ceiling decorative panels,
cell cast acrylic( PMMA) sheets, acrylic fabrics sheets,
interior door panels, and louvers.

Alaud Optical ( Xiamen) Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

optical filter, optical filters, CCTV lens, cameras, thermal IR cameras, windows, prisms, mirrors, filters.

Tron Link Enterprises Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

science, educational& electronic kits/ toys, laser ball,
toiletalker, hand- held metal detector,
prism glasses, cellular phonemate, walkie talkies, scientific
& educational kits, electronic block kits,
girls lifestyle gadgets, electronic piano& guitar, ring watch,
electronic trumpets, laser balls,
voice IC products& educational learning aids.

Chang Chun Bo Xin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

optical components- (1) optical lenses- achromatic lens, double-concave lens, double-convex lenses, meniscus lens, plano-concave lens, plano-convex lens, paraboloid aspheric lens, elliptical aspheric lenses. (2) optics prism series- penta prisms, dove prisms, roof prisms, right angle prisms, wedge prisms. (3) cylindrical lens- Plano-Convex Squareness Cylindrical Lens, Plano-convex circular cylindrical lenses, plano-concave squareness cylindrical lenses, plano-concave circular cylindrical lenses, meniscus cy...

Xin Xin Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd. : Optical Prisms

convex lens, conave lens, meniscus lens, prismatic prisms, trapezium prisms.

E-One Moli Energy Corporation : Optical Prisms

various kinds of electric products including cylindrical cells, batteries, prismatic, etc.


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