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EMI Shieldings

There are 11 manufacturers in this EMI Shieldings category, the follows are 1 - 11 [Page 1]:
Listings of EMI Shieldings Manufacturers & EMI Shieldings Suppliers

Broadlake Co., Ltd. : EMI Shieldings

We offer a wide range of aluminum parts, metal work, and stamped parts, including stamped heat sinks, housing for power resistors, handles for switching power supplies, clips, CPU heat sinks, aluminum front panels, terminals, turning parts, extruded heat sinks for DC/DC converters, chassis + covers made by NCT, fuse holders, die casting, precision machined parts and so forth.

ABBA Tape Technology Corp. : EMI Shieldings

packing ( packaging) materials, special packaging & industrial tapes ( tape) supply ( supplies)- (1) application tapes and films- clear PECP ( OPP) application tapes, application film with liner. (2) laminating- cold laminate ( lamination, laminating, laminated) films, over-laminating, matte/ luminous OPP laminating tapes, holographic tapes, screen OPP laminating tapes, noiseless laminating films. (3) electronic tapes- low sticky YVN song Zhuan Zhe films, electric conductance no base material tapes, PET shi...

TennMax, Inc. : EMI Shieldings

(1) thermal modules, thermal management & solutions, thermal CPU coolers, thermal interface materials. (2) conductive fabric & Cu & Al foil tapes. (3) max foam- Al foil foam gaskets ( TAG, TFG). (4) max plates- physical vapor deposition ( vacuum metallization), PVD coating, vacuum plating. (5) max shield- FIP form-in-place gaskets, EMI gaskets, GIP groove-in-place gaskets. (6) max-sorb-low frequency absorbers. (7) max-spring-finger stock. (8) EMI shielding materials. (9) flexible antennas.

DMC Internatinal Device-Mate Corporation : EMI Shieldings

products including insulation/ interface materials, EMI shielding/ silicone products, heat
transfer modules, flexible flat cables, foam& sponge extra works etc..

Mianyang Prochema Plastics Co., Ltd. : EMI Shieldings

PFA shink tubes ( tubings), PTFE heat shrinkable tube, teflon, ITO transparent conductive film, transparent EMI shielding films, colored special polyester film, printing polyester films, insulating PET film, ptfe glass cloth, touch screen, EL sheet, EL lights, EL lamps, EL panels, EL road sign & exist light, flame-resistance PC film, solar cell charger, solar PV panels, solar cells.

Kwei Guan Enterprise Co., Ltd. : EMI Shieldings

insulation material, insulators, electrical insulation/ insulating material & components for computer, communication, aerospace manufacturing, and photoelectronics, EMI electronic material, emi shielding material, emi shield, emi shieldings, conductive material, tape material, electrical insulation tape, sponge material.

Mindar China Co., Ltd. : EMI Shieldings

outdoor enclosure, outdoor enclosures, form-in-place gasketings, metallized fabric over foam gasket, EMI/RFI shielding materials, EMI/RFI suppression components, Thermally conductive interface products.

Pro Chase Enterprise Co., Ltd. : EMI Shieldings

1. Optical adhesive (specially for touch panels , touch screens ITO bonding adhesive). This is most hot products and ITO in 20 years future or more we forecast.
2. Conductive transfer tape for high end market , specially for EMI shielding application . (conductive Ohm can reach 0.003).
3. Acrylic double sided adhesive for touch panel and membrane switch.
4. Silicone cushion pad (to Bend Specially for LCD TV , NB monitors) which has excellent properties of anti-hydrate , weather retar...

Tgl Technology Co., Ltd. : EMI Shieldings

EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) core, EMI cores, EMC(Electromagnetic Compatibility) core, EMC cores, EMI filter, EMI filters, EMI suppressions, EMI suppression, EMI shielding, EMI FRI, EMI suppression CLAMP filters (for cable type), T & RH & SH type, Ni-Zn (for cable assembly RGB, USB, audio, video, computer, AC DC, DVI, adapter, flat, note book computer, DVD set cable), Mn-Zn Ferrite core, EE & RM & PQ & EI cores, EP & T & ET core, ferrite band, EMI EMC & EMI FCC ( Federal Communications Commission), EMI...

Bliss Yih Enterprise Co., Ltd. : EMI Shieldings

electronic & electrical components- liquid tight flexible conduits, liquidtight flexible metallic conduit, nylon connector, flexible steel conduit, flexible wire braiding general conduits, EMI/ RFI shielding flexible conduits, couplings, flexible carrier, adapter, cord grip connectors ferrule, low smoke halogen free.

Brotek Technology Inc. : EMI Shieldings

all kinds of computer parts& accessories- PC 19”rack mount case/
chassis, tower case, desktop case, server case, switching power supply
( supplies) case, CD-ROM metal case, LCD/ PDP module metal chassis, cash
drawer and POS metal parts, constructive parts, I/O shielding, EMI
spring, press tooling and design.


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