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Removable Labels

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Listings of Removable Labels Manufacturers & Removable Labels Suppliers

Taiwan Hopax Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd. : Removable Labels

paper additives, water treatment fine chemicals, wet end, coating
chemicals, chemicals for carbonless copy paper, alkaline sizing agents
( AKD, ASA), surface sizing agent, pitch control agent, fixing agent/
retention aids, dispersant, lubricant, insolubilizer, hollow plastic
pigment, fluorescent withening agent( FWA, OBA), microcapsule( CB),
color developer( CF), spacer( stilt), stick-on notes, removable
adhesive, removable notes, removable labels, removabie tapes, ...

Wenlung Printing Industry Co., Ltd. : Removable Labels

office supplies, roll label printing, in mold labels, cartoon sticker, stationary, computer labels, film printing, Hualee office series, private self adhesive label, color reinforcement, removable labels, labels for copy machines, foul up mark, suspension tag, exported product labels, fluourescent color label, correction tape, satin ribbon labels, plastic containers.


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