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There are 48 manufacturers in this Cable Modems category, the follows are 41 - 48 [Page 3]:
Listings of Cable Modems Manufacturers & Cable Modems Suppliers

Micronet Communications Inc. : Cable Modems

adapters, hubs, switches, SNMP network management, repeaters, transceivers, print servers,
USB hubs, wireless LAN, modems, internet IP sharer, cabinet, and the SOHO network supplies,
NICs, cables & connectors, media concerters.

U-Tech Group : Cable Modems

computer& internet equipments including ISDN/ data HDSL/ ADSL cable modem satelite
communication systems, protocol SS, intelligent network, GSM, CDMA, fiber optics,
optical cables, optical components, DSH, ATM/ ADSL system, video conference project basis.

MicroLinks Technology Corp. : Cable Modems

electronic& computer products including DVD-ROM drives decorders, MP3 codecs, videophone
encoders/ decoders, security logic for smart cards, chipsets for cable modems.

Paravoix Industrial Group : Cable Modems

(1) lighting equipments: energy saving light bulbs, electric ballasts, fixture sockets. (2) health
products: aerobusters, carbon monoxide sensors, CCD cameras/ lens, electric health activators, ice water
dispensers, mobile massager pads, personal health massagers. (3) security products: road safety supplies.
(4) telecom products: cellular accessories, caller ID phones, caller ID display units, wireless microphone
converters. (5) computer peripherals& accessories: bar code pri...

XAVI Technologies Corporation : Cable Modems

electronics/ tele/ data communication products- transmission, access/
audio, video, internet related communication products, digital subscriber
line( xDSL) networking products, DMT/ CAP dual modes, cable boxes, PCI
cards, cable modems, fibers to the curb networking( FTTC)& wireless,
routing switches.

Cable Maestro International Inc. : Cable Modems

OEM/ ODM cable, PCMCIA cable assembly( assemblies), USB( universal serial bus) cable,
computer cable, medical grade cable, flat cable/ wire hardness, IMac, CAT, SCSI I/II/III, IEEE cable
bar code reader cables, monitor cables, BNC extension cables, mouse cables,
data cables, printer/ laser/ plotter cables, extension cables, RS232 cables, LAN& multimedia cable,
keyboard cables, scanner cables, modem cables, SCSI cables, PCB or PCBA molded inside cable connector,
adapters& ...

Advanced Jenn Bao Enterprises Co., ltd. : Cable Modems

PC and notebook parts- computer case, power supply, mouses,
mainboards( motherboard), VGA card, floopy disk,
sound card, speaker, fax modem, cable, HDD mobile rack, CPU,
SDRAM, HDD, CD- R, notebook, PC parts.

Well Communication Corporation : Cable Modems

computer/ PC peripheral equipment for data communication products in IT industry-
(1) PC fax/ modem/ voice products.(2) PC video conference kits.(3) ISDN card.
(4) CD- ROM driver.(5) ineternet TV set- top- box, 56K modem, modem driver, web TV,
ISDN, ADSL, cable modem, set top box, home networking, video conferencing, iphone, ect.
(5) also offer OEM/ ODM products.


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