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Knitting Machiner

There are 29 manufacturers in this Knitting Machiner category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Knitting Machiner Manufacturers & Knitting Machiner Suppliers

Shing Tsao Machinery Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

Manufacturer of yarn winder, yarn machines, yarn winding machine, high speed & low speed cheese type winder, flange & MNW type winder, PIRN & MPW type winder, SHW & FYW type winder, fabric cheese type winder, fabric machine, hot cutting machine, twist machine, extrusion machine, circular loom, PE. EVA flat net & net bag making machine.

Thread Master Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

Manufacturer of auto sewing thread winder, automatic wefting bobbin winder, auto mini thread bobbin winder, auto mini thread bobbin winder, H-shaped bobbin winder and precision cross cone winder.

Da Kong Enterprise Co. Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

Manufacturer of (1) circular knitting machines, scarf knitted machines, braiding machines, hosiery (fabric denim & socks) machinery, drumless and fully computerized hosiery machineries, webbing machine. (2) denim fabrics, dobby textiles, slub cloths, stripe woven, providing special process for fabrics, such as washing, dyeing, sanforizing, etc.

Tenluxe Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

We are a professional manufacturer of cleaning products for textile materials, water-cleaning products, aluminum electric cleaning spray guns, Tenluxe electric textile cleaning guns, Tenluxe ink cleaners, Tenluxe snaxin products series, Tenluxe puffs, cleaning solvents, light-weight electric cleaning guns, Trichloroethane, Naphtha, multi-purpose inkcleaners, Tenluxe tag pin guns with tag pins & needles, industrial cleaners, high speed circular knitting machine lubricants, and so forth.

Wellmade Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

industrial supply ( supplies), textile machines- (1) single machines- single open-width knitting machinery, single knitting machines, single jersey with course gauge knitting equipments, single mini circular knitting machinery, high speed loop pile ( Terry) machines. (2) double machines- high speed double & wellknit brand double knitting machinery, double open width knitting machinery, high speed double interlock knitting equipments. (3) jacquard machines-37 steps mini Jacguard in 3 position double knittin...

Dongying Weihong Reed Mat Machinery Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

farm equipment, farm equipments, building material, reed rat knitting machines.

Shanghai Gaohe IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

contour cutting machines, foam sheet cutting machines, foam cutting machines, braiding machine parts, weft knitting machines, lace braiding machines, bobbin series, yard measuring machines, bobbin winding packing machines, automatically weft knitting machines, spring standers, spindle and bobbins, braiding machines, electrical series, solar products, instrument meters, pumps and valves, building materials, furniture.

Shishi City Huixing Machinery Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

circular knitting machines, high speed single and double mini knitting machines, computerized electronic jacquard single & double knitting machine series, computerized single knitting machine with auto-strippers, high speed single terry knitting machines, high speed three-end fleece single knitting machines, high speed universal double knitting machines, high speed universal single knitting machines, single jersey computer jacquard cylinders, single jersey cylinders, single jersey joint style cylinders, sin...

Chandshu Lost Wax Casting Factory : Knitting Machiner

lost wax casting, stainless steel, various carbons steel, low alloy, alloy & tool steel investment castings for various machine spare parts: hardware tooling, textile machine, architecture, car, motorcycle, computerized flat knitting machine, socks machine, medicine machine, industry sewing machine etc.

Juwang Textile and Dyeing Machine Company : Knitting Machiner

coating machines, rotary screen textile machines, stenter machines, automatic rolling and inspecting machines, beaters, tendering and stentering machines, baling machines, end-ring machines, knitting machines, coating machines, composite machines, heat transfer textile machines, manual textile machines, textile and dyeing machinery accessories.

Taizhou Tiansheng Knitting Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

professional knitting machine manufacturer- (1) knitting machines & equipments- manual horizontal knitting machinery, single board jacquard knitting machine, micro-computer knittng machine, industrial sewing machine, wool weaving machines, computerized cage collar weaver, seaming machines, glove machines, sleeve knitting machines. (2) sewing machinery parts & accessroies- sewing needles, sewing machine needles, needles, knitting fittings, wool weaving fittings, computerized yarn nozzle.

Yantai Longyu Trade Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

(1) knitting machine series- hand drive flat knitting machine, computerized flat knitting machine, computerized socks machine, computerized jacquard hat and scarf machine, dial linking machine ,automatic seamless glove machine, and chain glove machine and related machine such as dotting machine, package machine, setting machine and so on. (2) knitting needles series- all kind of knitting needles for circular knitting machine, flat knitting machine ( including computerized flat knitting machines and hand dri...

Beijing Northphenix Technology Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

1. industrial machinery- automatic sequins embroidery machines, flat embroidery machine, high speed embroidery mchine, quilting machine, quilting embroidery equipment, computerized non-shuttle muti-needle LCD quiliting machine, flat tuft mix embroidery machine, cording embroidery machine, big field embroidery machinery, computerized flat knitting machine, computerized embroidery machines, chenille embroidery machine, cap embroidery machine, automatic bobbin winders ( winding machines), embroiery machine spa...

Garter Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

A huge range of bags making machinery equipments:
1. PP Flat Yarn Making Machine
2. Circular Loom
3. Double Side Lamination Machine
4. Roll to Roll Printing Press
5. Auto Heat Cutting & Sewing Mc (New Style for Big Bag)
6. Automatic Heat Cutting & Sewing M/C (For Small Bag)
7. Two Layers Inflation Machine
8. Inner Film Inserter
9. Inside Lamination Machine
10. Sandwich Lamination Machine
11. Laminated PP + Paper Cement Bag Making ...

Beijing North Phenix Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

bobbin winders, automatic bobbin winders, quilting machinery, tuft embroidery machines, computer embroidery machines, computer knitting equipment, laser cutting machines, computer quilting embroidery machines, sewing machines.

Taitexma Enterprise Corp. : Knitting Machiner

circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines, related facilities, spare parts and textile products.

Baiyang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

terry circular knitting machines, single jersey circular knitting machines, single three-thread fleece knitting machines, double knit pattern wheel knitting machines, rib knitting machines, full electronic double jacquard knitting machines, single 46 color auto strippers, flat knitting machines, computerized embroidery machines, parts.

Jiangsu Tongli Mechanical & Electronic Group Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

sequin embroideries, double sequin embroidery machines, computerized embroidery machines, computerized flat knitting machines, lace braiding machines, special embroidery equipments, precision machineries, lace braiding machines, warp knitting machines.

Fujian Shishi Taifan Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

circular knitting machines, knitting machines, computerized flat knitting machines, widening knitting machines, FAI type rib knit machines, flat knitting machines, flat embroidery machines, single three thread fleece knitting machines.

Jinjiang Fuhong Light Industry Weave Co., Ltd. : Knitting Machiner

circular knitting machines, textiles, high speed single universal knitting machines, double-semi jacquard knitting machines.


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