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Bandage Manufacturers

There are 24 manufacturers in this Bandage Manufacturers category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Bandage Manufacturers Manufacturers & Bandage Manufacturers Suppliers

South Canal ( Southcanal) International Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

Manufacturer of fishing products and golf clubs such as (1) fishing equipment- neoprene wader, nylon & PVC wader, breathable wader, breathable jackets, breathable trousers, fly rod spin rod, fly line, fly reel bags, fleece jacket & trousers, fishing shirt, field & wading boots equipments, gloves & socks, fishing cap, landing nets, fishing bag, neoprene accessory & bag, smoker cooker, sunglasses, fly mate vices, fly boxes. (2) golf- golf set, golf ball, forge iron, putter golf bag, Boston bag, travel bag wit...

Maw Chawg Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

Manufacturer of elastic covering yarn, conventional covering yarns, air-jet covered/ intermingled yarns, traditional fabric yarns, woven and knitted fabrics yarns, textile weaving (underwear, pantyhose, socks, garments, medical) yarns, spandex elastic fibers, single/ double covered yarn, core twisted yarns, compound yarns, nylon PA 6 (PA 6.6), metallic covered yarns, embroidery (ribbons and decorative) yarns, nylon monofilaments, polyester multifilaments, bamboo charcoal yarns, undergarment ( sports wears, ...

Jiangsu Jiele Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

surgical tapes, surgical mask, gauze face masks, lap sponges, non-latex tourniquet, alcohol swabs, barium tape, alcohol tape, gauze balls, cohesive & gauze bandage, first aid bandages, wound dressing, lap sponges, shoe covers, disposable plastic forcepe.

A.R. Medicom Asia Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

1. dental & medical & veterinary products- bouffant caps, fluid impervious gowns, isolation gowns, shoe covers, all-gauze sponges, dental dams, dental instruments, tongue depressors, dental bibs, disinfectants, examination table papers, non-woven head rest covers, dental tray covers, disposable cups, drape sheets sterile, HVE suction tips, saliva ejectors, fluoride varnish, nitrile examination gloves ( powder-free, non-sterile), hand sanitizers, earloop masks, chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse, neutral sod...

Baoying Fukang Medical Instrument Factory : Bandage Manufacturers

cotton buds, cotton balls, alcohol sterilized pads, wet pads, respirator caps, alcohol barrel pads, cotton pads, wooden marks, medical teeth strips, gauzes, bandages.

Nantong Jiangchao Fiber Products Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

cotton balls, zig zag cotton, gauze sponges, gauze bandages, gauze towers, cotton dental rolls, alcohol prep pads (swabs), dressing cotton pads, pregnancy test series, lap sponges, disposable syringes.

Dongguan Huacheng Can Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

Manufacturer of tin packaging materials, including tin can, food storage container, packaging gift boxes, chocolate gift box, cookie gift box, tea storage tin, CD box, toy box, win box, candy box, handle box, coinbank box, cigarette box, stationery box, health care box, round box, rectangle box, abnormity box, heart shaped box, ash case, tray, metal pail, coaster, advertisement tinplate, refrigerator magnet tinplate, make up boxes.

Medtecs International Corporation Limited : Bandage Manufacturers

We supply medical supplies & hospital equipments, including anti-static surgical attire, sterilised procedure tray (SPT) products, underpads and adult diapers, patient apparel, flame-retardant fabrics, surgical drapes, medical bandages, disposable surgical masks, boot covers and surgical gowns, crochet blankets and bed linens, and other medical supplies.

Shanghai Magnet & Biotech Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

(1) permanent magnets, industry permanent magnet materials, NdFeB ( Neodymium Iron Boron) magnet material, SmCo & Alnico magnets, bonded magnet, magnetic assemblies, rubber magnet. (2) medical supply- ultrasonic conductive gels, polyester casting tapes, POP ( Plaster Of Paris) bandages, orthopedic bandage, magic magnet plasters, magic acupuncture patches, herbal magnetic patch, magic magnet plaster.

Hubei Orient International Trading Corporation : Bandage Manufacturers

cotton buds, cotton balls, cotton swabs with wooden stem, triangular bandages, waterproof drapes, washing cloths, duckbill face masks, elastic gloves, shoe covers, boot covers, isolation gowns, disposable beauty products.

I-Ming Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

healthy appliances including premium orthopedic/ neoprene/ magnetic/ elastic/ back/ latex
sponge supports, braces, wraps, bandages.

Tianjin Jie Zhong International Trade Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

medical supplies- surgical tape, surgical mask, gauze, cotton, bandages, disposable medical apparatus, disposable syringe, anaesthesia mask, nasal qxygen cannula, medical tubes, disposable linear stapler, medical instruments, X-RAY cassette, intensify screen, X-ray Unit for mammography, x-ray shielding lead glass, lead apron set, intervenient gloves, side protective glasses, Oxygen concentration, transport incubator, infant phototherapy units, Electronic temperature, wheelchairs, surgical dressings, dental ...

Motex Healthcare Corporation : Bandage Manufacturers

Manufacturer of medicine products such as surgical tapes, surgical masks, medical glover, chemical resistant gloves, powdered latex glove, nitrile exam gloves, accelerator free gloves, aloe plus latex examination gloves, black latex gloves, wound dressings, breathable & sterile wound dressing, non-adherent absorbent pads, non-woven adhesive dressing & bandage & retention sheets, adhesive transparent PU films, surgical paper tapes, transparent plastic tapes, cloth & sport & silk tapes, N95 masks.

Aibi Tapes Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

shoes laces, jacquard weave belts, rubber bands, safety belts, package sidebands, cotton and kapoks, nylon belts, box bandages, PP belts, suspenders.

Shaoxing Gangfeng Hospital Products Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

surgical tapes, first aid kit, bandages, surgical gown, absobent cotton products, lap sponges, gauze sponges, gauze balls.

Chain Medical Products Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

surgical tapes, gauze sponges, bandage, ABD/combine pads, non-woven sponges.

Anhui Medihel Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

cotton balls, zinc oxide adhesive plasters, non-woven adhesive tapes, elastic crepe bandages, adhesive bandages, pop bandages, cohesive bandages, gauze lap sponges, gauze rolls, gauze swabs, disposable caps, face masks, non-woven shoe covers, surgical gowns, absorbent cotton rolls, cotton-tipped applictors, household gloves, latex gloves, PE gloves.

Jiangsu Ruiyu Hospital Products Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

cotton balls, twins line pre-cut cotton rolls, cotton non-woven rolls, cotton bandages rolls, cotton gauze rolls, absorbent cotton wool, cotton dental rolls, cosmetic pads, zig-zag cotton, embossed zig-zag cotton, cotton gauze, cutting square cotton, abdominal pads, coloured cotton balls, cotton strings.

Taizhou Zhi-long Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

cotton balls, cotton buds swabs, triangular bandages, gauze swabs, cutting gauzes, gauze bandages, gauze rolls, non-woven swabs, cast paddings, gauze balls, emergency bandages, emergency blankets, emergency blankets( silver, gold), lap sponges.

Dah Heer Industrial Co., Ltd. : Bandage Manufacturers

textile machinery, crochet machine, crochet machines- fancy yarn crochet machinery, & non elastic band crochet machines, elastic & non-elastic lace crochet machinery, special lace crochet machines, cord knitting machinery, wind band crochet machines, computerized crochet machinery, net bandage, double needle bed raschel machines, wide width embroidery crochet machinery, wide width embroidery crochet machines, cylinder cord machinery, special style lace machines, drapery brush fringe, gala yarns, gimp yarn, ...


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