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Sponge Balls

There are 29 manufacturers in this Sponge Balls category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Sponge Balls Manufacturers & Sponge Balls Suppliers

Shuen Fuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

Manufacturer of badge holder, retractable badge holder, hand tool, retractor, carabiner, ABS plastic wheel reflecting covers, knife, cap washer, casting tube, clutch needles & pins, plastic spring & clip parts, garden tool sets, hammers, hatches, hooks, hose clamps, key cabinets, locks, lock nuts, shears, saws, screws & nuts, screwdrivers & socket sets, strapping machines, blank bottles, baggage sling, crochet hook, gas hose, jump star cable, magnifying glass & slices, straws & muddlers, bags, slippers, toi...

Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

(1) Hardware, Hand Tools & Metal Product- 40pcs 3/8" & 1/4"Dr. Socket Wrench Set., ABS Plastic Wheel Reflecting Cover, Acrylic parts by diamond or laser cutting, Aluminum Parts, Ball for Valve in stainless steel (custom-made), Blades & Knifes, Bolts.Anchors, Bonded Washer, Cable Clamp, Casting Tube, Clutch needles and Pins, Custom-Made Plastic Spring & Clip Parts, Dial, Double Sided Tape, Driller, Electrical Insulating Tape, Fiexible Conduit, Flash Light Tool Kit, Grease Nipple, Hanger Tool, Hook,...

Hsiang Wei Rubber Industries, Inc. : Sponge Balls

Manufacturer of silicone & rubber extrusions, including (1) silicone extrusion series- tubing, o-ring cords, puel hose, bulb seal, lip seal, window seal, hollow extrusion, sleeves, sponge extrusion, splicing, short-cut, conductive cord, silicone sheet, u-channel, e-strips, p-strips, d-stripes. (2) high temperature wire & cable- UL / VDE approved wire, PVC heating wire, special wire & cable. (3) rubber extrusion- rubber tubing, o-ring cord, gum extruding, custom engineered extruded profiles, molded corner, s...

Bor Jye Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

Manufacturer of sports protecting products, including (1) paintball mask, paintball goggle, sporting goggle, snow goggles, ski goggles, security face shields, paintball guns, safety glasses. (2) paintball mask and goggles accessories- paintball mask fan, electric fans, bags, colorful boxes.

Jiangsu Jiele Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

surgical tapes, surgical mask, gauze face masks, lap sponges, non-latex tourniquet, alcohol swabs, barium tape, alcohol tape, gauze balls, cohesive & gauze bandage, first aid bandages, wound dressing, lap sponges, shoe covers, disposable plastic forcepe.

Nantong Jiangchao Fiber Products Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

cotton balls, zig zag cotton, gauze sponges, gauze bandages, gauze towers, cotton dental rolls, alcohol prep pads (swabs), dressing cotton pads, pregnancy test series, lap sponges, disposable syringes.

Yingzhijian Technology Manufactory Limited : Sponge Balls

Manufacturer and supplier of electronic, health care products since 1997, include body fat analyzers, body massagers, foot massagers, stem counters, sudoku gamer players, silicon bras, health and beauty products, electronic gifts, jewelry cleaner, iPod cases, MP3 covers, etc. We continuously develop high-technology products with trendy and fashionable design in the market. We also welcome ODM and OEM projects and develop products according to customers’ different design and requirements.

Nantong Orient Pet Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

aquarium & pet products supplies- pet accessories, pet care product, pet cat trees furniture, kitty condos, cat toys, fur mouse cat toys kit, sponge ball toy, pet grooming sets, dog beds, leashes & leads, pet cages & houses, dog clothes ( clothing), pet carriers & bags & strollers, dog chews, dog training equipment, feeding bowls, aquarium backgrounds & lights, air pumps, compressors, automatic aerator, filters, aqua plants & ornaments, bird cages & nests.

Chuan Lai Aquarium Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

multifunctional suckers/ valves, PVC cleaners, wet/ dry biological filters, tidal form/ power/
canister/ fluidized bed biological filters, bio cubes/ balls/ nets/ boxes/ sponges, fish keeping bottles,
undergravel filters, ballast cases, fluorescent clippers, warmer clippers, circular filters, carrier
lights, wooden stand, breeding boxes, pet carriers, column carriers.

Perfect & Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

Manufacturer of PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) products such as PVA sponges, PVA chamois, PVA mops, PVA wipers, and PVA rollers among a variety of other PVA products for auto cleaning, sports, household, electronic, medical markets and cosmetics usage.

Horman Co., Ltd. (2) : Sponge Balls

security ( safety, protective) equipments- (1) eye protections- safety goggles, safety goggle, children ( kids, kiddie, kiddy) impact & anti fog chemical splash goggles, gas welding & safety working glasses, emergency eyewash bottles, melter spectacles. (2) head protections- auto darkening welding helmet, auto darkening welding helmets, chain saw safety kits. (3) TV splitter, TV splitters. (4) automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles) accessories- stop signs, convex mirrors, emergency hammers. (5) hearing ...

Ningbo Free Trade Zone Trust International Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

cosmetics beauty products- (1) cosmetic brushes- blush brush, art nail brushes, mask brush, eye applicators, lip brushes, hard/leather case brush sets, retractable brush. (2) cosmetic sponge and puff- nr/nbr/sbr/cellulose/pva sponges, tampon and cotton bud. (3) manicure sets- blister cards. (4) cosmetics mirrors- luxury compact mirror, aluminium compact mirrors, metal/plastic stand mirror, mirror with comb, single/double compact mirrors, handle mirror, wooden mirror. (5) nail file and buffers- sapphire file...

Azuni Int'l Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

fitness equipment & accessories- (1) gym balls- anti bust gym balls, massage gym balls, weight balls.(2) expanders & latex bands, aerobic bands, dual color toning tubes, rubber toning tubes, adjustable dual color expanders. (3) jumping ropes & hand grips- dual color jump ropes, LCD digital & wooden handle jump ropes. (4) toners & dumbbells- magnetic & acupuncture figure twisters, waist exercise twisters, roller slides, sit up bars, pilates rings. (5) fitness kits & gift packs- pilates starter sets, thigh tr...

Wey Shen Cotton Ind. Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

cotton balls, cotton buds, cotton sliver for hairdressing, common cotton silver, cut cotton, cotton pad, defat cotton in box, cotton swabs, cotton products, cotton tipped applicators, gauze sponges, medical products, disposable medical products, medical supply, beauty accessory ( accessories), beauty products, cosmetic cotton.

Chuang Jue Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

sanitary maintenance equipments& supplies including wringers& buckets, window/ floor
squeegees/ sponge wipers, stripe washers, floor wet/ dust mobs, wet mop plastic heads&
aluminum handles, soft rollers, floor/ windows scrapers, bath sisal massage belts,
sponge balls, gloves, non-woven cloth, kitchen/ bathing utensils, cleaning cloth,
sports towels, kitchen cleaners, toilet plungers, brushes...

Dongyang Lizhong Sponge Factory : Sponge Balls

magic sponge, magic sponge balls, scouring sponge, bath sponge, packing sponge, powder puff, PVA/EVA/PU sponge series, auto scouring sponge, ink boxes, powder puffs, multicolor curling, microphone sponge cover, memory sponge pillow heart, sponge toy, sound insulation sponge, slow elasticity sponge, fireproof sponge, abnormity sponge.

Shaoxing Gangfeng Hospital Products Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

surgical tapes, first aid kit, bandages, surgical gown, absobent cotton products, lap sponges, gauze sponges, gauze balls.

Anhui Medihel Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

cotton balls, zinc oxide adhesive plasters, non-woven adhesive tapes, elastic crepe bandages, adhesive bandages, pop bandages, cohesive bandages, gauze lap sponges, gauze rolls, gauze swabs, disposable caps, face masks, non-woven shoe covers, surgical gowns, absorbent cotton rolls, cotton-tipped applictors, household gloves, latex gloves, PE gloves.

Taizhou Zhi-long Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

cotton balls, cotton buds swabs, triangular bandages, gauze swabs, cutting gauzes, gauze bandages, gauze rolls, non-woven swabs, cast paddings, gauze balls, emergency bandages, emergency blankets, emergency blankets( silver, gold), lap sponges.

Nanjing Winice Trade Co., Ltd. : Sponge Balls

cotton balls, cotton buds swabs, surgical face masks, laryngeal masks, suction catheters, gauze sponges, oxygen nasal cannulas.


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