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Air Conditioners

There are 34 manufacturers in this Air Conditioners category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Air Conditioners Manufacturers & Air Conditioners Suppliers

Tianjin Fook Heng Motor Company : Air Conditioners

motor stator, reduction speed motors, pump motors, air conditioner motors, washing machine motors, general horsepower motors.

Qingdao Aucma Import and Export Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

washing machine, freezers, refrigerators, showcases, wine cellars, air conditioners, electrical water heaters, solar water heaters, electric bicycles and vehicles, ice makers, vending machine, dehumidifier, atmospheric water dispenser.

Qingdao Hitech Electric Joint-Stock Company : Air Conditioners

mechanical counter, mechanical counters, electronic counters, electric counters, timers, encoders, automotive testing equipments, air conditioner inventer controllers, heating systems.

Konka Group Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

mobile phones, Color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, component, packaging material.

Zhe JIiang Gko Aluminium Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

Product Name: Ordinary Aluminum FoilPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:
1) Alloy designation: 1100, 1145,1060,3003,5052, 8011, and 1050
2) Temper: O, H22, H24, H26, H18, H14, H12, H16,H32,H34,andH38
3) Thickness: 0.022mm - 10mm
4) Width: 100mm - 1,600mm
5) Applications: heat sinks of air conditioner, heat exchangers of
air conditioner for home use, central air conditioners, air conditioners
for cars and trains, and condensers

High-Win International Holding Ltd. : Air Conditioners

TV stand, furniture, gifts, christmas items, air conditioners.

Wenzhou Ouhai Xianyan Xingyu Video Stand Factory : Air Conditioners

TV stand, speaker stands, audio racks, video racks, air conditioner stands, fashionable glass furniture.

Jiangyin Purifying Equipment Factory : Air Conditioners

clean room equipments, high efficiency air outlet, filter, filter unit air conditioners, VAV(variable air volume) airconditioning unit, air showers.

Kunshan Giant Light Metal Technology Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

bicycle rims, seamless tubes, air conditioner tubes, heat sinks, profiles, bars, plates, stainless steel bicycle rims, motorcycle wheel sets, motorcycle wheel rims, aluminum extrusion products.

Shanghai Velle Auto Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

evaporators, capacities, condensers, air conditioner control systems of intelligence, thermal expansion valves, pipelines of air condition systems

Jiangsu Fengrun Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

evaporators, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, evaporator & condenser for a/c or air-conditioners, copper tube, fine type evaporators, fin type evaporators, refrigeration fittings, roll bond evaporators, dehumidifiers, water-box used for automobile

Wuxi Xinhongye Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

insulated wires, internal wiring of refrigerator, internal wiring of air conditioner, internal wiring of washing machine, internal wiring of some motorcycle, internal wiring of automobile machines.

Qingdao Hitech Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

mechanical counters, electromagnetic counters, electronic counters, timers, shaft encoders, household frequency conversion air conditioner controllers, automobile testing instruments, household hang gas heating boilers.

Guangdong Shenbao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, : Air Conditioners

air curtains, air conditioners, air source heat-pump water heaters, electric cookers, microwave ovens, disinfectors, range hoods, fans.

Ying Fang Ent. Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

packaging materials & equipments- EPE foam tubes, soild sticks, construction filling, air conditioner assemblies ( assembly), sport equipments, glass transportations.

Suzhou Yuehai Stretching Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

stainless steel parts for meat grinders, numerical control machines , EDM CNC cutting tools, EDM process tools -higher speed and the other equipments, iron bottles, tee connectors for chimney, aluminium barrels, air conditioner parts, extruders, stew pots, stainless steel beer bottles, processing products.

Shandong Grad Group Co., Ltd. : Air Conditioners

air curtain, air curtains, central conditioning units, central air conditioners, centrifuge pipes, central air conditioning fitting series, ventilator products, ventilation pipelines, cooling towers, ERP windings, mould pressed putrusion series, purification equipments, hot water heating series, civil air defense equipments, electric equipments.

Tatung Co., : Air Conditioners

electrical appliances & electronic components- (1) display products & accessories- LCD TV, HD LCD televisions, wide screen TVs, LCD panel monitors, wall mounting brackets. (2) digital audio products- wireless audio accessory, USB headsets, music hoppers. (3) commerical systems- tablet PCs, web PDA, server systems. (4) home appliances- microwave ovens, rice cooker, electric fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, juice makers, induction cooker, heater, dryers, electric small appliance, medical equipments, blo...

Hingo Refrigeration Equipment Factory. : Air Conditioners

refrigerated compressed air dryers, industrial chillers, industrial dehumidifiers, heat pump dryers, industrial air conditioners, sauna & swimming pool series.

Thinking Electronic Inudustrial Co., Ltd : Air Conditioners

electronic & electrical components- (1) NTC thermistor- power thermistor, high temperature measurement. (2) CPTC thermistor and PPTC thermistor. (3) metal oxide varistors. (4) temperature sensor- air conditioner. (5) humidity sensor. (6) gas discharge tubes.


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