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Titanium Dioxides

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Listings of Titanium Dioxides Manufacturers & Titanium Dioxides Suppliers

Tonghui Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. : Titanium Dioxides

carbon fiber products, coal base activated carbon, activated carbon fiber felts, activated carbon impregnated cloth, activated carbon impregnated nets, activated carbon impregnated felts, activated carbon impregnated polyurethane sponges, photo catalytic titanium dioxide filters, combination filters.

Guangxi Wuxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. : Titanium Dioxides

industrial chemical products- 1. feed additives: manganese sulphate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate thinner, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, cobalt sulfate thinner, magnesium sulphate, sodium selenite thinner, calcium iodate, methionine zinc, sodium sulphate, L-lysine iron, zinc oxide, cobalt chloride, sodium selenit. 2. chemical for coal: sodium carbonate, coal tar, urea, ammonium chloride, polyethylene, coke. 3. chemical for paper: corrugated boards, hydrogen peroxide, wood pulp, bleached bagasse, tapioc...

Kingstone Industrial Group Ltd. : Titanium Dioxides

feed additives, citric acid, sodium citrate, chrome oxide green, zinc chloride, zinc oxide, petroleum resin, phenolic resin, lithopone, titanium dioxide, electrolytic manganese.

Centro Chino Co., Ltd. : Titanium Dioxides

chemical products- (1) textile auxiliary, textile chemicals- sizing agents, warp sizing lubricants, after waxing & desizing agents, scouring & wetting agents, soaping & chelated dispersing agents, bleaching & bleaching auxiliaries, agent; levelers, redarders, carriers, dispersing & suspending agent, fluorescent & antiback stain agents, deformers, softeners, antistatics, fixing & soil resisting agent; water repellent agent & oil repellent agent, anti-flaming & seanitary agents. (2) surfactants products- an...

Foshan Weijun Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. : Titanium Dioxides

industrial chemicals products- copper oxide, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, zinc dust, zinc powder, selenium powders, selenium ingot, selenium dioxide, cobalt oxide, copper sulfate ( copper sulphate), tellurium, gallium, bismuth, bismuth trioxide, electrolytic manganese metal, yttria oxide.

Henan Kingway Chemicals Co., Ltd. : Titanium Dioxides

copper oxide, alumina trihydrate, titanium dioxide anatase, rutile, bi2o3, chrome oxide green, pigment, oxide, SAP, inorganic salt.

Sun Chemical Supply Co., Ltd. : Titanium Dioxides

industrial/ textiles& fibers materials, equipment& parts including (1)
chemicals- spin finish oils, titanium dioxide, antibioxide, silicon
coating liquid etc. (2) components- spinnerettes. (3) equipments for
tire cord& industrial yarn, staple fiber production, creels.


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