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PVC Resins

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Royal Steel Plastic Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

plastic recycling ( recycle) machines & equipments- (1) industrial ( industry) waste recycling equipments, PP ( PE, PVC, PET, PA, nylon, ABS, PS, PC, resin) extruders, plastic extrusion systems, plastic extruding equipments, 3D systems, double drying dehumidifying systems, dehumidifiers, strand cutting systems, die face cutting systems, compounding systems, pipe & sheet making machines, strapping (strap) tape making machine, washing & drying systems, stirring & crushing systems, water treatment systems, PET

National Applied Material Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic materials & films, products include (1) packaging materials, plastic sheets, food packaging material, vacuum packaging material. (2) extrusion line sheets- PP, PET, PLA, HIPS, ABS sheets, acrylonitrile, PS sheets, PVC sheets, (3) HDPE & LDPE products, PEVA adhesive plasters, PVC flexible plastic cloths, epoxy resin extrusions. (4) blister packaging materials.

ABBA Tape Technology Corp.

packing ( packaging) materials, special packaging & industrial tapes ( tape) supply ( supplies)- (1) application tapes and films- clear PECP ( OPP) application tapes, application film with liner. (2) laminating- cold laminate ( lamination, laminating, laminated) films, over-laminating, matte/ luminous OPP laminating tapes, holographic tapes, screen OPP laminating tapes, noiseless laminating films. (3) electronic tapes- low sticky YVN song Zhuan Zhe films, electric conductance no base material tapes, PET shi

Formosan Rubber Group Inc.

(1) rubber, PU & PVC products- silicone rubber sheets, silicone rubber coating products, green plastics & elastomers, TPU products, TPU tapes, PVC forms & sheets, rubber form products, Hypalon sheet, PU coating products, PU laminated products, laminating fabric, land development.
(2) medical & ink jet media materials- ink jet media, wound dressing films, ink-jet printing products( ink jet media), ink jet medias.
(2) electronic materials- resin coated copper foil for build-up PWBs substrate, e

Kaohsiung Monomer Company Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial chemical supply, include acrylic, acrylic bullet proof sheet, methyl methacrylate monomers, acrylong, noise barriers, PVC vinyl, low vocvinyl, ABS, polycarbonate, styrene, structural adhesives, cements, kolics, hot melt adhesives, rubber cement, acrylic resin, clear acrylic sheets, etc.

Sunrise Eco Composites Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer and supplier of customized engineering plastics, such as nylon repro pellet / composites, nylon 6 repro pellet, nylon 66 repro pellet, reinforced nylon 6 repro pellet with glass fiber, reinforced nylon 66 repro pellet with glass fiber, reinforced nylon 6 repro pellet with mineral fiber, reinforced nylon 66 repro pellet with mineral fiber, chemical additive for thermoplastic, halogen free and flame retardant master batch (nylon based) / filler / additive.

Formosa Plastics Corporation

chemicals & related products- PVC resins, copolymer PVC, liquid caustic sodas, hydrochloric acids, plastics modifiers, carbon fibers, acrylic fibers.

Sunfix Industrial Co., Ltd.

pvc leather

Bright Lucky Development Limited

USB fan, electronic gift items, LED gift items, keychains, bags, mini Fans, PVC items, silicone items, resin items, toys.

Sunko Ink Co., Ltd.

synthetic resins, PVC and PU artificial leathers, PU resins, waterborne PU, thermoplastic polyurethane pellets.

China General Plastics Corp.

packaging foils & films- PVC resin, PVC compounds, PVC flexible films, PVC rigid films, PVC leathers, cholor alkalis, houseware & inflatable collections, outdoor covers, shower curtains, snow tubes, air beds.

Tung Chia International Co., Ltd.

EVA moulded wedge cold-hot machines, EVA primary fast-foaming machine,
EVA forming & rubber foam machine, rubber sole machinery, wood &
bamboo unite plank forming machines, PVC & industrial form
machine, sports equipments forming machines, general industrial
rubber mouldings, oil seal, packing, copper-clad resin fiber board
bakelite laminates, multi-layer printed circuit board( PCB).


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