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Fine Chemicals

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Pan-Continental Chemical Co., Ltd.

We provide industrial chemicals, including inorganic compounds, zinc oxides, active zinc oxides, zinc carbonates, transparent zinc oxides, copper oxides, copper carbonate, zinc chlorides, zinc ammonium chloride, zinc compounds, triple salts, double salts, titanium dioxides, conductive zinc oxides, Nano zinc oxides, zinc residues, zinc dross, zinc fines, ZnO, CuO, ZnCl2, ZnCO3, CuCO3, AZO, high dispersible and conductive silver coated copper powders, etc.

Shandong Mingyuan Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

(1) chemicals & medicines- pharmaceutical chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food additives, plant and herbs extracts, liquid & powder injections, tablets, capsules, drogs, granule, creams, syrups, pharmaceutical materials, medical implements. (2) food & drinks- beverages, tea & coffee, flavors, soy sauce, condiments, snacks, candies, protein drinks, oatmeal, wine, juice, milk, soymilk, honey, fresh vegetables, seafood, bean, fruit, garlic, organic products, chili, mushroom, chestnut, nectarine, megranate, apple,

Taiwan Surfactant Co. Ltd.

surfactants and fine chemicals( for use in fields like: dye auxiliaries, cosmetics, agriculture, personal care, household, PU leather, paper, plastic additives, miscellaneous.. etc., including anionic, cationic, nonionic, amphoteric, dye auxiliaries.

Prior Company Ltd.

chemicals& related products including conventional/ fine
ceramic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, coating chmeicals,
composite materials& chemicals, electrolytic capactitors
chemicals, polyurethane chemicals, rubber& plastic chemicals,
water treatment chemicals, surfactants.

Lee Chang Yung Chemical Industry Corporation

specialty chemicals- fine chemicals, electronic material chemicals, ultra high purity, industrial intermediates.

Allied Industrial Corp., Ltd.,

specialty chemicals- fine chemical, B carotence products, cationic and auxiliary.

Taiwan Hopax Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

chemicals & related ( relate, relates) products- papermaking chemicals, specialty chemicals, fine chemicals and repositionable self adhesive products.

Jih Nong Enterprise Co., Ltd.

chemical products including agro- chemicals, fine- chemicals, public- health chemicals.

Panel Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.

(1) chemicals& related products including PU materials
, fine chemicals- inoxidizable agents, ltra- violet
absorption agents, PU resins, adhesives.
(2) computer peripheral including silcone balls for
computer mouses, slide and anti- slippery boards.
(3) machinery, machines equipments including prilling machines,
porphyiae machines.

Swancor Ind. Co., Ltd.

chemicals& related products including vinyl ester resins,
low profile additives, fine ceramic binders, chemical anchoring
resins, radiation- cure resins.

Taiwan Hopax Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.

paper additives, water treatment fine chemicals, wet end, coating
chemicals, chemicals for carbonless copy paper, alkaline sizing agents
( AKD, ASA), surface sizing agent, pitch control agent, fixing agent/
retention aids, dispersant, lubricant, insolubilizer, hollow plastic
pigment, fluorescent withening agent( FWA, OBA), microcapsule( CB),
color developer( CF), spacer( stilt), stick-on notes, removable
adhesive, removable notes, removable labels, removabie tapes,

Shuang-Bang Industrial Corporation

fine chemicals- PU leather, breathable fabric, TPU lamination, bonding
fabric, curing agent, synthetic resins, adhesives, photoiniators, photosensitizer, medicinal chemicals, UV absorbers, thermal stabilizers, pharmaceutical intermediate, hindered amine/ light stabilizer, benzophenone, ACE inhibitor, nabumetone, mequtazine, lisinopril, enalapril, ethyl-2-oxo butyrate, ethyl-2-(R)-hydroxy butyrate, NEPA, NEPL, foam coating, W/P PU/ fabric, MVP PU/ fabric, color leather, embossed color pu, sorb tex, sa


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