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Powder Coating

There are 42 manufacturers in this Powder Coating category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Powder Coating Manufacturers & Powder Coating Suppliers

Linco Baby Merchandise Works Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

We specialized in baby nursing products such as baby bottles, standard feeding bottles, wide neck feeding bottles, silicone nipple, wide neck silicone nipple, rubber nipple, silicone pacifier, PP pacifiers, training cups, bottle warmers, bottle brushes, milk powder containers, spoon sets, food makers, breast pumps, aspirators, holder & chains, OEM & ODM, etc.

UNITRONIC Automation Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

A professional supplier of automatic equipments, auto winding machines, capacitor equipments, capacitor winders, slitters rewinders, LED test equipments, thermal press machinery, deburring machineries, automated paper masking machines, automation metal spraying machine, automatic lead wire welding machines, precision mini-type welding machines, automatic capacitor clearing machines, powder coating machines, auto welding & assembling machine, high speed automatic forming and cutting machines, precise mechani...

Jiin Chang Enterprise Corp. : Powder Coating

Manufacturer of powder coating equipments, liquid coating equipments, magnesium and aluminum alloyed coating equipments, plating equipments, coating equipments, environment protective equipments, hanging kit paint removing, auto powder recovery spraying rooms TPVE forfully, painting equipment, rinsing paint spraying sets.

Jan Fa Industrial Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

Manufacturer of casting, grey iron casting, ductile iron casting, casting machining, machining, automobile parts, car part, auto part, vehicle part, yoke, drum, hub, damper hub, damper ring, rotor, brake disc, ring gear, planet carrier, bearing cap, chain, pump part, compressor part, pipe, valve part, butterfly valve disc, speed reducer part, impeller, diffuser, stainless steel gas burner, stainless steel grate, BBQ burner, BBQ grate, bearing support, Lagerbock, retainer, OEM.

Epolab Chemical Industries Incorporation : Powder Coating

chemicals & related products, industrial adhesives- (1) adhesive epoxy, epoxy compound, epoxy compounds, potting compound, potting compounds, prepreg, prepregs, hot melt pre-preg epoxy resin, solvent and non-solvent type pre-preg epoxy resin, electronic powder coating materials, composite materials, epoxy glue, epoxy potting, dipping resin, potting resin. (2) epoxy resin compounds, epoxy compounds, potting compounds, epoxy composite.

TAICO Enamel Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

We offer enamel products, including enamel paints, enamel cast iron goods, enameled BBQ grills, enamelled kitchen tools, utensils, enamelling kitchen products, enamel burner caps, enamel cast iron cookwares, enamel plates, enamel bowls, coating paints, hard enamels, enamel use for coating, enamel stoves, and ODM/OEM services.

Wuhan Huipu New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

teflon coating, teflon coatings, nylon powder coatings, platamid-hotmelt adhesives, EVA4260 copolymer, PEBAX-polyether, ORGASOL-nylon powder.

Songzi Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

epoxy resin, polyolefin nucleation, transparent agent, E type epoxy resins, epoxy resin curings, phenolic resins, powdery coatings, urea formaldehyde resins.

Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

coating equipments, complete coating equipments, automatization control complete equipments, cosmetic complete plant equipments, glue complete plant equipments, complete plant equipments of pitch emulsifying, high-speed dispersers, lab high-speed dispersers, lab basket mills, basket mills, laboratory basket mills, automatic basket mills, lab high-shear emulsifiers, high-shear emulsifiers, inline high-shear mixers, automated feeding systems, liquids feeding systems, automated equipment for powders feedings, ...

Shanghai Tianhe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

coating equipments, tablet press machines, single punch tablet press machines, rotary tablet press machines, powder forming machines, capsule forming machines, soft gelatin encapsulation machines, mixers, pulverizers, vibrating screen machines, granulators, drying machines, sugar coating and filmcoating machines, packing machines, automatic tablet & capsule packing lines, accessory equipments.

Changzhou Taihe Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

communication equipments powder coating equipments, the machines of revolving to model the PVC plastics toy balls, refrigerator powder coating equipments.

Double Tripods Machine Equipments ( Suzhou). : Powder Coating

powder coating equipment, automatic coating equipments, automatic coating production lines, UV light solidify equipments.

Yantai Dongyuan Powder Coatings Processing Equipment Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

powder coating equipment, production lines, complete equipments and machines for processing powder coating.

Yantai Lingyu Powder Machinery Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

production lines of powder coating, powder coating equipment.

Fracing Wheels Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

powder coating equipments, CNC machining workshops, automatic painting lines, coordination measurement devices.

Tairen Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd. : Powder Coating

coating & painting equipments- whole plant powder coating and liquid painting equipment, bicycle painting equipment, sporting goods painting equipment, metal production painting equipment, aluminum alloy production painting equipment, wooden production painting equipment.

Wuxi Tangxin Automating Factory : Powder Coating

coating machines, powder coating machines, size boxes, sizing machines, double-trough sizing machines, paste mixing barrels.

Shanghai Tops Coating Machine Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

coating machines, powder coating machines, automatic spray coating systems, powder coating equipments, electrostatic oil coating equipments, powder coating spray guns.

Chunlai Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

professional of packaging machinery equipments- impulse sealing machines, vacuum packing machines, vertical vacuum gas-filing packing machines, continuous bag sealing machines, strapping machines, automatic form-fill-sealing machines, shrinking packagers, Horizontal & vertical sealing machines, hand and pedal impulse sealers, shrinking machines, Coating machines, Full-automatic liquid & powder filler machines, cream bottle packing machine, Vacuum liquid filling machines, cup sealer, coding machines, hot/ co...

Qingdao Fulltime Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Powder Coating

tool carts, wheelbarrow series, agricultural hardware tools, OTR tyres, butyl & natural rubber motorcycle tubes, rubber wheels, powder coatings.


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