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T-ONE-S (MFG) Trading INC.


T-ONE-S (MFG) Trading INC.

Manufacturer of various valves- thermodynamic steam trap, safety relief, air vents, bellows, F.R.L. combinations, St. St. tubes, electric actuator, solenoid valve, ball valves, steam valves, butterfly valves, float valves, sight glass valve, needle valves, reducing valves, wafer type disc check valve, diaphragm valves, cylinder control valve, expansion joints, pressure gauges, air filters, pipe fitting & flange, boiler parts, industry valves, flanged check valve, street elbows, hose nipples, reducing sockets, hexagon bushings, tee and cross fitting, screwed union fittings, bronze injectors, thermometers, forged steel flanges, butt welding fittings, flexible tubes & joints, air control units, PVC plastic valve.

UNIWU Group was found in Taiwan since 1968. The products field is valves and fittings. 317 Brand valves have a professional and good reputation in this field, and with highly product performance in the market. OEM is welcome by customer’s request. The President Wu, Teng-Chien leads UNIWU Group as a unique expert in valves & fittings fields since 1968 in Taiwan. UNIWU Group includes 1. T-ONE-S (MFG) TRADING INC. Searching, manufacturing, and exporting various valves, fittings, flanges, boiler parts, air control unit and steam assortment with good shipping arrangement. 2. PRO UNI-D CORPORATION A solenoid valves & electric actuators is specialized leading manufacturer in Taiwan. 3. SINO-THAI METAL CASTING CO., INC. A St.St. pipe fittings and flanges emphasized manufacturer in Thailand.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Dorothy Wu
Telephone: 886-2-25219297
Fax: 886-2-25811229
Address: 9, Lane 154, Chilin Road, Taipei 104, Taiwan
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