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Foshan Nanhai Zhujiang Reduction Gear Co., Ltd.


Foshan Nanhai Zhujiang Reduction Gear Co., Ltd.

spiral bevel gears, worm gear reducers, bevel gear reducers, stepless variators.

Zhujiang Decelerator Co., Ltd's main products are spiral bevel gears, worm gear reducers, bevel gear reducers, stepless variators.
Categories: Bevel Gears Worm Gears Spiral Bevel Gears Worm Gear Reducers Worm Gear Gear Reducers
Country: China
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bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, cylindrical Gears, worm shafts, worm wheels, synchronous belt wheels (gears), special gears.

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spur gears, standard mold bases, guide post sets, bending dies, press steel die sets, sprocket wheels, worm gears.

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centrifugal blowers, gear reducers, cycloidal gear reducers, electric drums, soft tooth spur gear reducer s, hardened reducers, bevel gear reducers, low noise axial fans, centrifugal fan dusts, centrifugal fans, dust blowers, multi stage centrifugal blowers, high pressure centrifugal fans, utility centrifugal fans, boiler fans, energy saving fans, coal centrifugal fans.

Beijing Well Start Trading Co., Ltd.

bevel gears, bevel gear boxes, helical gear motors, gear boxes, variable speed drives, Siemens motors, sew reducers, brevini reducers, switches, chains, seals, couplings, bearings, valves, measuring instruments, encoders, cylinders, pumps.

Shanghai Great Wall Reducer Co., Ltd.

speed reducers, gear motors, worm-gear motors, helical gearmotors, bevel gear redirectors, cycloidal reducers, variators, planetary gear motors, cycloidal reducer, planar double-enveloping worm gears, worm gear lifter, variators, shrink disks, couplings.

Nanjing Jinteng Heavy-Duty Gear Case Co., Ltd.

right angle gearboxes, gearboxes, mixing machine gear cases, three speed gear cases for expo, sizing mill main reducers, high and middle speed gear cases, non standard gear cases, gear boxes for college and unive, center drive mill reducers, finisher gearboxes, rough rolling gearboxes, medium rolling gearboxes, auxiliary finisher gearboxes, universal gearboxes, film couplings.

Transtec Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

bevel gears, helical bevel gear units, geared motors, cycloidal-bevel gear motors, gear boxes, helical gear motors, traveling motors, bevel gear boxes, planetary reducers, variable speed drives, low backlash gear reducers.

Shanghai Eastwell Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

industrial speed reducers- EWR ser-ies skew gear reducers, EWF series skew gear reducers, EWK series bevel gear reducers, EWS series screw gearworms, gear reducers, helical-bevel gear reducer, parallel shaft helical gear reducers, worm gear reducer, cycloid gear speed reducers, planetary mechanical auto-speed reducer.

Shenzhen Chaojun Plastics and Mould Co., Ltd.

hypoid/ helical/ spur gears, plastic gears, worm gear, spiral bevel gear, custom design gears for camera, safety and clutch gears, gear boxes ( speed reducer), small gearboxes, precise plastic parts, cell phone housing, customized plastics parts, plastic injection mould ( molds, moldings).

Shanghai Dingyi Transmission Manchinery Co., Ltd.

Spiral bevel gears, (R,K,F,S)series Hard Tooth Surface-Gear speed reducer, MB series planetary variator reducer, RV series aluminum alloy worm-and-worm speed reducer motor, WP worm-and-worm speed reducer(X,WB)series planet-cycloid reducer motor(include: speed reducer motor, chang-speed motor, variable-frequency Motor, speed-adjustable motor, crane motor, hard tooth surface gear and helical gear speed reducer.


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