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GuuYuan Fine Crafts Co., Ltd.


GuuYuan Fine Crafts Co., Ltd.

We provide gifts & artworks, such as necklaces, brooch, ribbon flowers, wedding items, tie pins, wrist flowers, bag ornaments, belt chains, table potted flowers, artificial flowers, thousand layer roses, hydrangeas, fringed iris, linden leaves, angel grapes, witch strawberry, cosmos, southern magnolia, cotton trees, flame peony, clovers, sunflowers, ginkgo, dendrobium, camellia, ceiba, grapes, rose, lily, lucy rose, peony, poppy flower, wrist flowers, golden apples, cherry blossom, fortune bamboos, narcissus, shell roman, rebel rose, cute rose, spring rose, emerald roses, waist ornaments, bracelets, hair & shoe ornaments, household decoration and window designs, witch straw, angel grapes, clothes ornaments, novelty ornaments, designer necklaces, OEM, ODM.

Browse through every Chinese dynasty, clothes and ornament system has been regulated status of royals and civils. In Tang, the queen was conferred a title with twelve flower hairpins; meanwhile, the princess with 9 flower hairpins. Court ladies fixed their hair with ornaments called " wings". A spoon cast was roasted on the fire, then press it on the flower- shaped cloth. Due to tedious procedure, very few people own the technique. The performance an artist presents is only one. Fortunately, GuuYuan inherits the skill of ornaments that consisted of unique fabrics, dyeing skills, silk, velour, organdy, cotton, satin and overlap color assortment as well as iron, twist, tear and pull into curved lines. When the petal is shaped, insert the bud to be a finished product. Artworks range among brooches, necklaces, waist ornaments, bracelets, hair ornaments, shoe ornaments, household decoration and window design. A crew of internationally certified professional designers will customize your orders. Handmade only, the quantity is reserved in advance.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Nan-Mei Huang
Telephone: 886-7-8915112
Fax: 886-7-8911077
Address: No. 48, Gaoping 22nd Rd., Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung 812, Taiwan
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