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Uno Resourcing Inc.


Uno Resourcing Inc.

Manufacturer of pneumatic & air power tools such as (1)air impact ( ratchet) wrenches, air sanders, air drills, air grinders, riveters, needle scaler & flux chippers, electric screwdrivers, air nailer & staplers, spray guns, air brushes, air filter regulator & lubricators, auto body tools, air chipping hammers, air hoses, spring balancers. (2) oilless mini air compressors, vertical & silence air compressors, belt-driven compressors. (3) single stage cast iron pumps.(4) check safety and unloading valves, drain & air cocks, pressure switches, pressure gauges, regulators, electrical motors, magnetic switches, motor pulleys, tank wheels, compressed air filters, compressor oils, air tanks.

Uno Resourcing Inc. air impact wrench manufacturer and air sander venture has been more than 20 years, the air impact wrench and air grinder has been on more than 30 years of experience, know Pneumatic automation air impact wrench equipment for the production plants have a very important relationship. Therefore in-depth study pneumatic systems improvements, planning, the introduction of new technologies, and emphasized that "priority services", "protect customers", "24-hour service" for the purpose of career. Our main products including air tools and compressors industry, including air impact wrench, air drills, air sander, air grinders, air hammers, oilless portable compressors and unloading valves. Choose good brand air compressor, air impact wrenches, consider services free to dealers, or third-party professional, technical fine, honest dedication service providers. By our innovative engineering and mature experience, we are capable to meet your exacting requirements with short lead-time, stable quality and also highly competitive price. To benefit both parties, we are the best choice be the partner to support you.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Peter Hsiao
Telephone: 886-4-26595466
Fax: 886-4-26595467
Address: No. 27, North Huan Road, C.E.P.Z., Wuchi Town, Taichung County 43541, Taiwan
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Today: 2069; This Month: 2069
This Year: 2069; Total: 2069


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