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THC Associate Corporation


THC Associate Corporation

food processing equipments & machinery ( machines)- (1) automatic bag instant noodle production line- soda water storage tanks, water tanks (with level controller), mixers, additives agitating tanks, material feeders, compounding machines, stretching machines, cutting & frying machines, distributing conveyors, cooling machines, noodle conveyors, bag noodle wrapping machines, product conveyors, carton sealing machinery. (2) automatic bowl ( cup) instant noodle production line- soda water storage tanks, water tanks (with level controller), mixers, additives agitating tanks, material feeders, compounding & stretching machines, seasoning dipping machines, aging conveyors, cutting & frying machinery, distributing conveyors, cooling machines, automatic capping machines, product conveyors, carton sealing machinery. (3) automatic dried noodle ( Ramen) production line- soda water storage tanks, water tanks (with level controller), mixers, additives agitating tanks, material feeders, compounding machines, stretching & cutting machinery, inlet of drying machines, cooling machines, noodle conveyors, bag noodle wrapping machines, product conveyors, carton sealing machinery. (4) automatic horizontal flow wrappers, vertical form-fill-seal machinery (for powder substances,granule substances), programmable form-fill-seal packaging machinery, high speed microcomputer controlled candy wrappers, multiply kraft paper and laminated woven bag making machines, weaving plants. (5) whole-plant plastics machines ( machinery)- LLDPE, LDPE HDPE inflation tubular film making machines, extruders, PP. & PE. nylon filameit making machines, PE. & PP. flat yarn manufacturing equipments, PE. PP. stretching tape & packing band making machines, hard & soft P.V.C. tube making machinery, P.V.C. contracting bag making machines, reproduction machines to transform waste plastic into pellets, plastic mixers, plastic crushers, PE. EVA monofilament making equipment, plastic net making machine, packaging machinery & equipment. PP / PE woven bags, cement bags and tarpaulin production equipments.

Manufacturer and exporter of instant noodle productions, granule substances, packaging machineries, PP/PE woven bags, cement bags and powder substances supplied worldwide. The customers' designs and OEM/ODM are cordially welcome.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Lu Huai Zeng
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Manufacture of packaging materials and equipments include (1) films- Antifog PE/CPP film, retort PP film, CPP film, PE/EVOH multilayer film, NY/EVOH multilayer film, EL film (LLDPE film), HDPE film, nylon film-medical care package, nylon film-food package. (2) sheets- high barrier sheet, FFS High barrier PP/PS multilayer sheet, FFS PS multilayer sheet, conductive & anti-static PS sheet, PS carrier sheet (slitting, jumbo roll), tray. (3) SMT electronic component packages- (3-1) material products- (paper/PC/P...

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Manufacturer of plastic extrusion machinery, products include (1) blown film extruder- mini type/ high speed blown film machine, HDPE blown film machine, LD/LLDPE blown film machine, co-extrusion blown film machine, PP blown film machine. (2) monofilament extruding line- PA/PET monofilament extruder, PP/HDPE monofilament extruder, PVC monofilament extruder. (3) flat yarn making machine- flat yarn extruder, fibrillated yarn extruder. (4) extruded net making machine- stretched net extruder, flat net making ex...

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shrink wrap bag, shrink wrap bags, PE films, LDPE films, LLDPE films, LLDPE stretch films, PVC stretch films, PE building films, agricultural films, greenhouse films, packaging films.

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Manufacturer of packing machines & materials such as calenders, extruder & blow machinery, hot-melt OPP labeling machine, plastic products converting machines, PVC shrink films, shrinkable tubings, shrink label, HDPE bag, heat shrink films, PLA sheets, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, cap seals, poly & vacuum bags,

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packaging ( package, pack) materials- plastic bag, plastic bags, zip lock bag, zip lock bags, grape bag, grape bags, custom made printed plastic bag, HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE bags, T shirt & pouch bags, self lock & plastic zipper bags, plastic shopping bag, seal storage & soft bag, plastic films, custom adhesive bag, plastic t shirt bag, fruit & food bags, sandwich bags, food storage & garbage bags, food saver ( foodsaver) bags, food packaging bags, zipper bags, freezer & self storage bags, bag in rolls (on roll)...

Jen Dah Machine Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers of stainless steel water tanks, water storage tanks, pressure tank, solar water heater, welded machine and mould designs, spot welders, seam welding machines, multiple convex line rollers, roll forming machine, automatic horizontal rolling weld machinery, hydraulic presses, punch press, trimming machines, and the like.


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