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THC Associate Corporation


THC Associate Corporation

food processing equipments & machinery ( machines)- (1) automatic bag instant noodle production line- soda water storage tanks, water tanks (with level controller), mixers, additives agitating tanks, material feeders, compounding machines, stretching machines, cutting & frying machines, distributing conveyors, cooling machines, noodle conveyors, bag noodle wrapping machines, product conveyors, carton sealing machinery. (2) automatic bowl ( cup) instant noodle production line- soda water storage tanks, water tanks (with level controller), mixers, additives agitating tanks, material feeders, compounding & stretching machines, seasoning dipping machines, aging conveyors, cutting & frying machinery, distributing conveyors, cooling machines, automatic capping machines, product conveyors, carton sealing machinery. (3) automatic dried noodle ( Ramen) production line- soda water storage tanks, water tanks (with level controller), mixers, additives agitating tanks, material feeders, compounding machines, stretching & cutting machinery, inlet of drying machines, cooling machines, noodle conveyors, bag noodle wrapping machines, product conveyors, carton sealing machinery. (4) automatic horizontal flow wrappers, vertical form-fill-seal machinery (for powder substances,granule substances), programmable form-fill-seal packaging machinery, high speed microcomputer controlled candy wrappers, multiply kraft paper and laminated woven bag making machines, weaving plants. (5) whole-plant plastics machines ( machinery)- LLDPE, LDPE HDPE inflation tubular film making machines, extruders, PP. & PE. nylon filameit making machines, PE. & PP. flat yarn manufacturing equipments, PE. PP. stretching tape & packing band making machines, hard & soft P.V.C. tube making machinery, P.V.C. contracting bag making machines, reproduction machines to transform waste plastic into pellets, plastic mixers, plastic crushers, PE. EVA monofilament making equipment, plastic net making machine, packaging machinery & equipment. PP / PE woven bags, cement bags and tarpaulin production equipments.

Manufacturer and exporter of instant noodle productions, granule substances, packaging machineries, PP/PE woven bags, cement bags and powder substances supplied worldwide. The customers' designs and OEM/ODM are cordially welcome.
Categories: Candy Manufacturers HDPE Bags LDPE Bags LLDPE Bags Water Storage Tank Water Storage Tanks Wrapping Papers Paper Wrapping Manufacturers Process Controllers Speed Controllers Cement Mixers HDPE Cooling Tanks Plastic Water Tanks Food Mixers Cement Bags Food Storage Bags Seal Storage Bags Storage Bags Food Wrap Films Wrapping Paper Manufacturers Packing Tapes Cup Sealers Laminated Films Plastic Tubes Food Processing Plants Noodle Making Machines Automatic Packaging Machine Can Making Machines Carton Sealing Machines Film Equipments Sealing Machine Paper Tube Machines Plastic Crusher Plastic Mixer Plastic Processing Machinery Powder Mixers Stretch Film Machines Stretching Machines Crusher Manufacturer Inflation Machines PVC Processing Machines Sealing Cutting Bag Making Machines Weaving Machines Woven Bag Machines Cooling Water Machine Tanks Water Tanks Weaving Yarn Tarpaulin Manufacturer Bow Manufacturers Paper Tube Manufacturers Food Bags
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Lu Huai Zeng
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industrial supply/ supplies-
(1) boiler- steam boiler, electric steam boiler, model steam boiler, low pressure steam boiler, hot water boiler, industrial boiler, lost wax boiler, high pressure boiler, anticorrosive boiler, double boiler, coal boiler, boiler system, boiler heating system.
(2) pressure vessel- sterilizing pot, oil can, distilling pot, vulcanizer, pressure container, gas storage tank, oil storage tank, hot water furnace, steam generator, electric steam generator, coal heater.

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Our product category covers a wide range, including (1) everse osmosis systems, water purifiers, uv sterilizer, industrial water filters, table top & desk type water dispenser, bottleless water dispensers. (2) filter cartridges and membrane elements, filter cartridges and membrane elements. (3) water system accessories- storage tanks, auto filter tank and softeners system, water faucets, booster pumps, transformers, high and low pressure switch (switches), auto shut off valves, drain clamps, self pierce val

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chemical analyze instruments, apparatus & laboratory equipments- (1) bio imaging systems- gel documentation systems, multi fluorescence chemiluminescence imaging stations, UV trans illuminators, white light boxes, 1D & 2D gel analysis software. (2) in vivo gene & drug delivery systems- electroporators, sonoporators, electro cell fusion generators, embryo micro surgery tools, ultra sound microscopy. (3) electrophoresis apparatuses- horizontal & vertical electrophoresis tanks, TGGE temperature gradient gel el

Giant More Industrial Corp.

We provide LPG water heaters, natural gas water heaters, gas burners, gas heaters, solar water heaters, electrical storage water heaters, gas cookers, electric water heaters, spare parts, CALIENTE water heaters, hang (horizontal, vertical) type water heaters, typical range hoods, Euro & hidden type range hoods, counter top & Euro type gas stoves, kitchen appliances, OEM, and the like.

Zhejiang Kangquan Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.

electric tankless water heaters, customed small capacity electric storage water heaters ( 10L~30L).

Yixing Qiaosheng Environment Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

metal stock ( storage) tank ( tanks), environmental protection water treatment equipment ( equipments).

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chamber and belt vacuum packaging machines, vertical automatic bags take out vacuum packaging machinery, vertical automatic bags produces, check weights, solid or viscosity liquid filling machines, automatic weighing & filling machines, table vertical automatic packaging machinery, automatic pillow type, 3 position sealing packaging machines, livestock, prepared frozen food processing machinery, machines & equipments, food processors & makers, food making & sealing ( sealers) machinery ( machines), whole-pl

Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd.

(1) Hardware, Hand Tools & Metal Product- 40pcs 3/8" & 1/4"Dr. Socket Wrench Set., ABS Plastic Wheel Reflecting Cover, Acrylic parts by diamond or laser cutting, Aluminum Parts, Ball for Valve in stainless steel (custom-made), Blades & Knifes, Bolts.Anchors, Bonded Washer, Cable Clamp, Casting Tube, Clutch needles and Pins, Custom-Made Plastic Spring & Clip Parts, Dial, Double Sided Tape, Driller, Electrical Insulating Tape, Fiexible Conduit, Flash Light Tool Kit, Grease Nipple, Hanger Tool, Hook,

Ming Song Vacuum Metallizing Co., Ltd.

vacuum aluminum ( aluminium) plated film products- hot stamping foils, PET lamination ( laminating, laminator, laminated) films, holographic hot stamping ( transferring, lamination) film, PVC ( plastic) films, packaging ( package, packaged) materials, wrapping ( packed, pack, packing) papers, OPP lamination films, PET decoration & label & parting films, metallic films, hot stamping foil, laminated films, hologram films, vacuum metallizers.

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We provide belt-cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machine, production equipments & machinery for stationery & portfolio binder, screw forming machines, stationery file machinery, PP file machineries, file cover lamination machines, file cover wrapping machine, riveting machines, eyeleting machine, punching machine, drilling machine, creasing machine, corner cutting machine, corner guarding machine, ado punching machine, metal accessories, machine tools, screw thread rolling machines, milling machine, borin


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