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Rong Chyi Foods Industrial Co., Ltd.


Rong Chyi Foods Industrial Co., Ltd.

food manufacturing- cold stored food, frozen food, dehydrated food, preserved food, konnyaku coco jelly, drink, half dried prune, saled half dried prune, brine cured prune, brine cured ginger ( asa zuke ), salted scallion ( sweet vinegar ), salted scallion ( strong salt ), salted abalone mushroom, salted ginger low be, seasoned food, fresh vegetable, cucumber, bamboo shoots, burdock, mountain jelly.

Manufacturer of lighting products including various lamps of fluorescent, energy saving, incandescent, cold cathode, mercury, sodium, automotive, automatic machinery design, automation equipments, manufacturing automation, automation system, machine automation, automated production system, etc.
Categories:   Drink Manufacturer   Frozen Food   Jellies   Jelly Manufacturers   Drink Manufacturers
Country: Taiwan
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chamber and belt vacuum packaging machines, vertical automatic bags take out vacuum packaging machinery, vertical automatic bags produces, check weights, solid or viscosity liquid filling machines, automatic weighing & filling machines, table vertical automatic packaging machinery, automatic pillow type, 3 position sealing packaging machines, livestock, prepared frozen food processing machinery, machines & equipments, food processors & makers, food making & sealing ( sealers) machinery ( machines), whole-pl...

Taiwan Dorency Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of specialty chemicals, deoxidizer, desiccant, ocean container desiccant, desiccators, frozen food oxygen absorbers, silica gel, bentonite, quick lime, silica gel desiccant, oxygen absorbers, operation & safety advice.

Ten Long Foods Co., Ltd.

We supply human-made sea cucumbers (Gui Hua Type), Russia Sea cucumbers, human made sea cucumbers (De Lan Type), frozen foods, frozen seafood, trepangs, holothurians, beche-de-mers, stichopus, japonicus, Soviet Union ginsengs, etc.

Intlpak Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of packaging materials and equipments include (1) films- Antifog PE/CPP film, retort PP film, CPP film, PE/EVOH multilayer film, NY/EVOH multilayer film, EL film (LLDPE film), HDPE film, nylon film-medical care package, nylon film-food package. (2) sheets- high barrier sheet, FFS High barrier PP/PS multilayer sheet, FFS PS multilayer sheet, conductive & anti-static PS sheet, PS carrier sheet (slitting, jumbo roll), tray. (3) SMT electronic component packages- (3-1) material products- (paper/PC/P...

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squid products, squid, dried & frozen scallop, dried & frozen squid ,other fish , frozen & dried shrimp, frozen breaded series, kelp roll series, fresh seafood with vinegar, series, squid series, saba series, seaweed series, ocean food for leisure, shelfish series, squid series, fish series, shrimp, seaweed series, seashell, other fish series, shelfish series.

Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works.

We have spent 40 years of experiment and research to manufacture automatic food process equipments, such as meat mincer, meat feeding mincer, high speed meat mincer, high speed blender, conveying roaster oven, gas & electric roaster oven, seafood oven, sawing machine, meat slicer machine, vegetable slicer, mixing & seasoning machine, bi-cone mixer, double steam boiler, high pressure quick boiler, soy bean milk machine, smasher, food dryer, meat broth shaping machine, fish starch shaping machine, tempura sha...

Win Shine Machinery Co., Ltd.

food packaging machine/ equipment including automatic lunch box forming machines and auto fresh frozen food box forming machinery, auto pail making machine, auto pail colactor machine, automation equipment, manufacturing automation, automation systems, machine automation, automated manufacturing equipment.

Ping Roun Products Co. Ltd.

frozen seafood, frozen prepared food, frozen meal, fried food, stemed food & frzoen shrimp processing-
(1) frozen roasted eel- prepared eel, roasted eel with bamboo skewer, frozen fish.
(2) frozen prepared food- fried food, steamed food.
(3) frzoen shrimp process- fried kirin shrimp, fried shrimp, pineaple and shrimp skewer.


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