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China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

medicine & health supplements- pharmaceutical products, consumer products, stryker osteonics, animal health.

One of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Taiwan- Founded in 1952, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ( CCPC) has been dedicated to the innovation, research and development, manufacturing, and the upgrade of services in the pharmaceutical industry. Since our establishment, we have made numerous advances in the development of different health care products, as well as pharmaceutical products for use in humans and animals. Widely used in every hospital and family household, our advanced medical and health products help ensure better health and quality of life. As we usher in the new century, medical developments have evolved from the provision of medication to prevention. The R&D and application of biotechnology continue to scale new heights and offer bright prospects. Dedicated to the development of new technologies and the provision of services, CCPC will devote its R&D expertise and personnel in the development of innovative biotech applications. In the coming new century, CCPC will build upon its previous successes and work to improve the health and quality of life of the people. The CCPC scope of operations is primarily centered on pharmaceuticals. In the future, however, pharmaceuticals will not be manufactured by chemicals alone; genetic engineering and biotechnology will become ever more popular. CCPC believes that with the advent of the new millennium, it should take the lead in promoting the domestic biotech industry. We believe that our mission for the new millennium will enable CCPC to venture new heights and become the true leader of the pharmaceutical industry.
Categories: Health Supplements Chinese Medicines Medicine Manufacturers Consumer Product
Country: Taiwan
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