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Fu Hui Screw Industry Co., Ltd.


Fu Hui Screw Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial hardware supply, mainly producing bolts, fasteners, screws, auto screw, automotive fasteners, alloy steel bolts and screws, aluminum screws, bent bolts, brass & copper screws & bolts, T bolts, stainless steel fasteners, shaft and pin, penta (washer) head bolts, etc.

In this highly competitive fastener industry, having a Reliable and Professional supplier is the essential for your business and services to customers. Established in the year 1978, Fu Hui is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and has more than two decades of experiences in fastener manufacturing. We are well-reputable in Taiwan fastener industry and to our overseas customers for our fastener expertise and the capability of producing excellent quality products. Because We Care for our Customers, you can always expect the Prompt and concise reply to your inquiry and the Responsiveness to your change request from Fu Hui. Certainly, our Commitment to Supreme product quality and On-time delivery is the most essential factor that contributes to our successful business relationships with customers. With our Specialty in producing Custom-design fasteners, many customers who have worked with us now, often say to us, "why didn't we know you before? It would save us years of problems with some suppliers." Sincerely, you are invited to our quotation service for your print inquiry anytime. The experience with Fu Hui would have you think twice about expecting less from your manufacturing suppliers again!
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Candice Hwang
Telephone: 886-7-6281547
Fax: 886-7-6282117
Address: No. 21, Chia Hua Road, Kangshan Township, Kaohsiung Hsien 82026, Taiwan
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