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Cross Western Manufacturing Corp.


Cross Western Manufacturing Corp.

Manufacturer of plastic injection molding products, CNC machining parts, auto part, mechanical parts, brackets, mechanic fans, conveyor bearing, pipe fittings, metering & gear housings, transmission chain & gears, guiding tubes, valves, valve heads, spools, valves body, bearing races & seals, needle, rollers, ceramic balls, clutch plates, LCD bearings, piston, peek bearings.

Founded in 1993, Cross-Western Manufacturing Corporation is a leading manufacturer of production of injection molding components, and got the ISO 9001:2000 certification. We are equipped with many production machines, thus we provide secondary operation, such as annealing, drilling, milling, turning, CNC-machining, painting, coating Ketc. Best known for our plastic injection molding, our product line have grown extensively. In nowadays, Cross-Western has recently finished variety of product lines which include automotive, bearing, mechanical, electronic, fluid, building, office, and other components. With 12 years experience both in manufacturing in plastic molding and in selling industrial product, we have formed both professional ability of technology to develop products and especial ability to search goods for you. We provide design, engineering, solution and products to customers. Not only can we offer best service and products in competitive price, but also we can design and develop new products which are according to customer's request and practice in the form of OEM.
Categories:   Auto Fittings   Auto Body Supply   Auto Wheel Manufacturers   Auto Brake Systems   Car & Auto Brake Pads   Auto Clutch Assemblies   Auto Clutch Parts   Auto Bearing   Auto Pistons   Piston Assembly   Piston Manufacturers   Piston Seals   Auto Transmission Parts   Clutch Manufacturers   Auto Body Parts   Transmission Manufacturers   Plastic Resin Manufacturers   Fan Manufacturers   Case Fans   Tubing Manufacturers   Injection Mold   Mold Manufacturers   Electronic Manufacturing Services   Auto Connectors   Connector Housing   Wire Connectors   Battery Boxes   Electronic Parts Suppliers   Electronic Parts   Battery Manufacturing   Battery Manufacturers   Cigar Boxes   Body Lights   Fitting Manufacturers   Pipe Valve Fittings   Tube Fitting   Valve Pipe Fittings   Pipe Manufacturers   Valve Manufacturers   Brake Valves   Mechanical Valves   Needle Valves   Plastic Valves   Tube Valves   Valve Body   GearBox, Gear Box Manufacturers   Plastic Gears   Precision Gears   Transmission Gears   Grinding Wheels   Ball Bearing Slide   Ceramic Ball Bearing   Linear Ball Bearing   Plastic Ball Bearing   Precision Ball Bearings   Roller Ball Bearing   Ball Linear Slide   Bearing Linears   Bearing Needle Rollers   Ceramic Bearing   Clutch Bearing   Grinding Balls   Linear Guides   Plastic Bearings   Precision Ball   Pecision Bearing   Transmission Bearing   Mechanical Components   Mechanical Parts   Tire Seals   U Seal   Valve Seals   wheel seals   Gear Parts   Tube Manufacturers   Wheel Manufacturers   Conveyor Manufacturers   Plastic Fitting   Plastic Parts Manufacturers   Roll Cages   Roller Manufacturer   Wire Manufacturers   Wire Products   Plastic Boxes   Plastic Tube Manufacturers   Ceramic Tubes   Lights   Light Manufacturer   Plastic Case Manufacturers   Plastic Pipe Fittings   Plastic Pipe Manufacturers   Plastic Tubes   Assembly Machines   CNC Parts   CNC Part   CNC Machined Parts   Machining Parts   Precision Grinding Parts   Precision Machine Parts   Precision Parts   Roller Gears   Precision Machining   Gear Machines   Wire Machines   CNC Grinding   CNC Machines   Conveyor Chains   Conveyors Systems   Cross Connect Systems   Housing Manufacturers
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Patty Yang
Telephone: 886-7-6240234
Fax: 886-7-6240240
Address: No. 12, Lane 13, Wei Swei West Rd., Kangshan District, Kaohsiung City 820, Taiwan
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