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Lee Yeong Industrial Co., Ltd.


Lee Yeong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of power tool, including electric piston pump airless sprayers, magnetic drills, auto-reverse tapping & core drill machine, semi auto feed magnetic drilling machine, magnetic drilling machine, metal & wood working tools, drum sander/ polisher, wraparound tube sander/ polisher, straight grinder, die grinder, metal cutting circular saw, dry cut saw, electric beveler, reciprocating saw, plunge-cut circular saw, miter saws, auto feed screwdrivers, cordless auto feed screwdriver, electric drywall sanders, wet/dry vacuum dust extractor, rotary polishers, concrete, long-reach diamond grinder, scouring machine, rotary bush hammer, stone grinder, mixers, electric mixers, twin paddle electric mixer, electric mixer/ drill, bucket mixer, stone cutting circular saw, diamond core drilling machine, concrete vibrator, wall chaser, electric screw driver, wood trimmer, flexible shaft grinder, impact wrench, electric grease applicator.

We are power tools & airless paint sprayer factory in Taiwan. 1. electric piston pump airless sprayers. 2. HVLP tubbine paint sprayer. 3. digital bending machine. 4. magnetic core drills. 5. reciprocating saw. 6. electric beveler. 7. auto feed screwdrivers. 8. miter saw. 9. drain cleaning machine. 10. electric drywall sanders. 11. rotary polishers. 12. stone grinder. 13. wall chaser. 14. mixers. 15. diamond core drilling machines. 16. laser level. 17. electric grease applicator. 18. airless paint sprayer. 19. bending machine. 20. magnetic core drill. 21. screwdriver. 22. miter saw. 23. drywall sander. 24. diamond core drilling. 25. grease applicator. 26. power tool manufacture. 27. electronic automatic leveling. 28. low profile magnetic core drill system. 29. rotary laser level. 30. plunge-cut circular saw. 31. rotary bushhammer. 32. diamond grinder. 33. scouring machine. 34. auto reverse-tapping & core drill machine. 35. auto feed core drill. 36. rilling machine. 37. speed models magnetic drilling machine. 38. speed magnetic drilling machine. 39. magnetic drilling machine. 40. core drilling machine. 41. speed swivel base magnetic drilling machine. 42. electronic automatic leveling. 43. dry cutter. 44. wraparound tube sander/ polisher. 45. sander polisher. 46. die grinder. 47. hand-held drywall sander. 48. metal working tools. 49. straight grinder & angle grinder. 50. metal cutting circular saws. 51. hand-held drywall sander. 52. wet vacuum dust extractor. 53. flexible shaft grinder.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Diane Wu
Telephone: 886-5-5571635
Fax: 886-5-5571716
Address: No. 29, Fu Hsine Rd., Touliu Industrial zone, Touliu City, Yunlin Hsien 640, Taiwan
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