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World Known MFG. Co., Ltd.


World Known MFG. Co., Ltd.

industry ( industrial) machines, gray ductile iron casting components & parts, auto parts, auto part- (1) automobiles ( automotives, cars, autos, vehicle) parts- brake rotors, brake disc rotors, brake drums, master & wheel cylinders, calipers. (2) engine & transmission components- differential cases ( boxes, containers), clutches, pressure plates, crank shafts. (3) steering & structure parts- knuckles, supports, bearing cups, hearing holders, brackets. (4) machinery iron parts & components- hydraulic machinery & compressor parts. (5) valves & parts- resilient set gate & butterfly valves.

Manufacturer & exporter of industry machine parts & iron casting products, including automobile parts & components, machinery components, valves & parts, etc. Certificated by ISO 9002 & QS 9000. OEM orders are welcome.
Categories:   Car Steering Wheels   Auto Brake Parts   Brake Master Cylinders   Brake Rotors   Drum Brake   Auto Engine Bearing   Crank Shafts   Master Cylinders   Auto Transmission Parts   Transmission Shaft   Ductile Iron Casting   Gray Ductile Irons   Gray Iron Casting   Casting Gray Iron Manufacturers   Gray Iron Castings   Butterfly Valves   Hydraulic Valves   Brake Valves   Ductile Iron Valves   Hydraulics Valves   Hydraulic Cylinder Parts   Compressor Parts   Car Wheel Bearings   Clutch Bearing   Crank Bearing   Engine Bearings   Transmission Bearing   Calipers   Ductile Cast Iron   Drum Set   Drums Sets   Wheel Bearing Manufacturers
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Jack Lai
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Heng Kuo Co., Ltd.

(1) bicycles ( bikes) parts & accessory ( accessories)- disc ( disk) brakes, brakes discs, brake checks, jack brakes, brake controller ( control), custom bicycle part, disc brake conversions, brake boosters, disc brake systems, brake hoses, hose inserts, hose connections & bolts, compression nuts, compression bushing, brake oils.(2) autos ( cars, vehicle, automotives, automobiles) engines, hydraulic systems hydraulic system designs, hydraulic brake systems, hydraulic control systems, hydraulic hoses, brakes...

G.C.F Co., Ltd.

automotive ( autos, automobiles, cars, vehicle, trucks) parts & components, aftermarket auto parts, after truck parts- (1)engine parts- liner kits, piston & liner assembly ( assemblies),cylinder liners, marine & industrial liners, auto & engine & marine pistons, piston rings & pin, engine valve & guides. (2) transmission & gearboxes spare parts- gears & shaft input, output, synchronizer rings. (3) auto & truck water pumps, power steering pumps, hydraulic pumps, clutch booster & master, brake drums and hubs,...

Yee Jar Fa Ent. Co., Ltd.

car ( automobile, automotive, vehicle ) parts ( components)- auto part, auto parts, backing plate, backing plates, breaking pad, breaking pads, motorbike plate, motorbike plates, mold stamping, mold stampings, heavy duty machine, heavy-duty machines, asbestos break lining, non asbestos brakes linings, semi metallic break linings, brake shoes, truck brake linings, disc & drum brake assembly ( assemblies), sensors, clips.

Shun Li Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

We provide each kind of ductile iron, gray iron and alloy steel castings manufacturing, mold making, machining products, motor and reduction device parts, cars parts, components of oil drilling, pump and valve parts, grate, pan and pot, machinery parts, enamel products, chassis parts, brake disks, brake drum wheels, brake master cylinders, piston calipers, differentials, knuckles, support units, bearing covers, bearings and the like. OEM & ODM projects are very welcome.

Goshen Industries,Inc.

motomobile, cars, vehicle parts including break assembly- drum brakes, caliper assemblies,
disc brake assembly. trunk torsions& stabilizers. tubes& control cables- delivery/ water
pipes, brake pipes. springs-U springs for elevators, leaf/ coiled springs. stampings- lower
arms, stamping fan shields. brake linings- brake pads/ shoes.


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