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Lien Chief International Co., Ltd.


Lien Chief International Co., Ltd.

industrial ( industry) hardwares products supply (supplies)- (1) light duty casters, twin casters, ball casters, hard rubber ( plastic) casters, institutional casters, omega elite hooded casters, OEM/ ODM. (2) medium duty casters, pneumatic ( air) casters, scaffold casters. (3) heavy duty casters, extra heavy duty casters. (4) polyurethane on polyolefin wheels, rubber on polyolefin tyres, plastic wheels, nylon tires, hard rubber wheels, soft rubber wheels, cast iron wheels, cast iron V groove wheels, solid polyurethane wheels, heavy duty ductile wheels, riveted spoke wheels, semi pneumatic wheels. (5) floor truck locks, caster pads, roller bearings, ball bearings, axles & locknuts, spanner bushings, plastic retaining washers, steel washers. (6) European castors—loaded ( loading, load) lock twin castors ( sit down locking type), leveling ( level) bell castors, gray rubber castors, medium black rubber castors, single ball raceway castors. (7) European wheels, rubber on aluminum wheels, polyurethane on aluminium wheels, polyurethane on cast iron wheels, polyurethane on polyamide wheels. (8) pallet rollers, polyurethane on steel rollers, polyurethane on cast iron rollers, polyurethane on polyamide rollers. (9) hand carts, aluminum alloy hand carts, hand trucks, platform hand trucks, wooden ( wood) dollies.

Lien Chief International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer & exporter of casters, wheels, institutional casters, solid tires, press-on tires, handcarts, parts, barbecue tools, etc. and our engineers have 20 years experienced in this industry. With market demands, we never stop improvement and develop new products. Besides, many reputable companies purchase and approve our products. It means our quality & price & service are satisfactory. In order to provide competitive prices, we have been keeping on sufficient equipment for cost down. All efforts done are to find out the solution for customers. The customers’ R&D designs and OEM / ODM are welcome. If you have any question, please browse our website or email us right now. We will be honored to respond immediately.
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Country: Taiwan
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