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Dongguan Paiho Textile Ltd.


Dongguan Paiho Textile Ltd.

We manufacture a variety of consumer electronic protection kits, such as laptop sleeves, ipod-armbands, cell phone lanyards, shockproof & laptop computers, mobile phones, cell phone cases, eye glasses cases, digital camera bags, sport health supporters, mobile phone lanyards, silk screen printed lanyards, lanyard key chain, CD holder, bottle holder, adhesive straps, touch fastener, and etc.

Dongguan Paiho Textile Limited is one of the branch companies of Paiho Group which has successfully approved by Taiwan Stock Exchange Commission in 2001. Because of the strong research and development abilities and huge production capacity, its product ranges from touch fastener, webbing, shoelaces, and computerized embroidery and reflective material. While sustaining the development in variable projects, Dongguan Paiho is seriously exploring the research and development of the finished processing more than ever. Under Dongguan Paiho Textile Limited management principles of president, Mr. Thomas Cheng, "honesty, advancement, innovation, and service" are what we work towards. We devote the high-quality products to fulfill the customer demands and gain more market shares for a prosperous result. Dongguan Paiho's products sold internationally to Japan, America, Brazil, South Africa, England, Mexico, and other countries. In addition, those worldwide well-known brands, such as ADIDAS, NIKE, REEBOK, and etc had approved Paiho's "TRIHOOK" as their certified components. Furthermore, we had also successfully approved by ISO 9001 in 2003 to build an excellent quality control system, and when the group became a public traded company in Taiwan in January 2001, it was another highlight that it was successfully created for our business.
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Country: China
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