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Systems & Technology Corp.


Systems & Technology Corp.

1. AVL Tracking Devices: IntelliTrac X8, X1, X1 Pro, X1 Plus, A1, A3 and so on.

2. AVL Tracking Software Solution: Intelli FleetWeb & Tracer Plus.

3. Intelligent Personal Tracking Systems: IntelliTrac Polaris.

4. Navigation Engine Software: RoadEasy PDA & RoadEasy CE.

Systems & Technology Corp. is a market leader in the Geographical Information System (GIS), Navigation (Navi) and Automatic Vehicle location (AVL) sectors. In addition to providing advanced positioning products, we integrate GPS, GPRS and GSM wireless communications for our customers worldwide. Our products include IntelliTrac products, GPS fleet management systems, GPS car alarms, GPS data loggers, portable GPS systems, GPS vehicle trackings, GPS global positioning systems, GPS modules, GPS AVL system, GPS accessories, GPS receivers… and other related peripherals. We were the first company to introduce GIS and its applications to the Taiwan market in 1993. With fifteen years of experience in the GIS field, we have the most complete eMapping database around and offer a wide range of comprehensive and flexible telematics solutions. We are currently the exclusive agent of MapInfo in Taiwan and Hong Kong. These factors mean we can offer you unique products that elevate you above the competition in your market. Backed by GIS expertise, our AVL products and real-time customized solutions from one of main areas of expertise. Knowing the importance of today's need for mobile technology, we offer a wide range of products for navigation, tracking, delegation and related purposes for vehicles. Contact us today for more information.
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Country: Taiwan
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