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E-PROW Co., Ltd.


E-PROW Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of water filtration equipment, water treatment equipment, and related accessories includes water filter, water cooler dispenser, drinking water machine, industry water filter, householder water filter, water purification system, bottled water filling machine, RO pure water equipment, water filter dispenser, water vending machine, pressure tube, water crane head, reference set, air conditioner, bottled water filling machine, bottle blowing machine, automatic food packaging machine, round bottle labeling machine, water treatment equipment, and so forth.

E-PROW Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, specialized in water filter, water cooler dispenser, drinking water machine, industry water filter, householder water filter, water purification system, bottled water filling machine and water treatment equipment etc. Water filter and water cooler dispenser are their recommendation products. Whatever your requirements, there's an E-PROW water filter and water cooler dispenser designed to meet your needs. They always check on quality and quantity of all water filters with the most strict and safe standards. Also continuously improve and develop new pattern items with human-based and life-based concepts. We not only win praise and affirmative consent from customers, but improve all staffs' vision and ambition. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested in our product or you want to inquiry, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.
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Country: Taiwan
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Aqua Care Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial & residential RO systems, water purifiers, RO water filters, dispensers, housings, faucets, RO parts, TDS meters, solenoids, tubes, RO installation accessories, ball valves, brass valves, drains, feed water adapters, flow restrictors, manual flushing valves, high & low pressure quick connecters, pumps, shutoff quick connections, saddle valve, check valves, counter top type & under sink type of RO systems, double big blue filtrations, triple pods filtrations, RO tanks, ultraviolet

Beijing ENTE Membrane Industry Co., Ltd.

water filters, water purifiers & equipments, water filtration systems, household water filters, ENTE RO water dispensers, RO pure water filters, household UF water purifiers, UF water purifiers, UF ( ultrafiltration) membranes, water treatment equipments, RO ( Reverse Osmosis) water purification equipments, pure water purifier and equipment, industrial water treatment plants.

Ningbo Water Purifying Factory

all kinds of water purification system, Reverse Osmosis water filtration system, RO water purifiers, reverse osmosis system, water filters, whole house filter, water dispensers, filter cartridge, filter housing, faucet, RO faucets, water purifier valve, connecter and purifier accessories, RO kits, RO system replacement parts.

An Axon Industry Company Ltd.

RO ( reverse osmosis) water systems, filter, purification, commercial & residential purifier, industrial water treatment, hot and cold dispenser, ice machine, ionized resin alkaline, UV Sterilizer, drinking water faucet, diverter, saddle, drain valve, distiller, filtration housing, pre-filter cartridge, under counter top, lavatory sensor, commercial kitchen faucet, bathroom accessory, pure, membrane film, booster Pump, quick connector fitting, spout, elbow, adapter, SS filter housing.

Yi Shan Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

electrical ( electric, electronic) appliances supply ( supplies, supplier)-water softener, water ionizer machines ( machinery, machineries), chiosan filters, electrolysis magnetizing devices, multifunction ( multi function, multi-function) water flow controllers, water purifiers, water purification system, water filters.

Taiwan Kanlee Co., Ltd.

kitchen utensils& electrical appliances such as cupboard accessories, RO water
engineering system, cabinet accessories & housewares, range hoods, electric/
microwave ovens, napkin racks, dish dryers, rice storage boxes, water reservoir
filters/ purifiers/ dispensers, food scrap processors, dehumidifiers, cool& hot
tender napkins makers...

Champ Design Co., Ltd.

With rich experiences and expertise, Champ Design specializes in the production and sales of (1) water dispensers for home & commercial use, drinking water coolers, freestanding/ desktop water dispenser, soda water dispenser, cold and hot and warm water dispensers, carbonated/ sparking water dispenser, POU ( point of use) pure water cooler. (2) RO systems- undercounter reverse osmosis filtering system, water purification, water filtration equipments, water purifiers, the reverse osmosis systems for resident

Ningbo Jinlijian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

household small electrical appliances- (1) electric heater- air heaters, infra-red heaters, far IR heater, halogen & quartz heaters, kerosene heaters, carbon fibre heaters, parabolic heater, ceramic heater, fan heater, electric oil heating. (2) water dispensers- desktop water dispenser, floor standing water dispenser, freestanding water dispensers, hot & warm & cold water dispensers. (3) electric fans- stand fan, pedestal fan, lifting stand fans, remote & switch control fans, desk fan, box fan, wall fan, or

Guangdong Fivestar Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

kitchen & household goods, electric home appliances, industrial supply ( supplies)- (1) solar panel. (2) solar engineering, vacuum tube solar water heaters, flat plate solar water heaters, solar panels. (3) heat pump water heaters, air heat pump water heaters. (4) solar photovoltaic products- lawn lights ( lighting), solar battery ( batteries), multi crystal battery, solar radios, solar courtyard lights, solar floodlights, solar battery subassembly, solar cooling caps, silicon solar battery. (5) fuel boiler

Hangzhou Proway Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of whirlpool components, such as bathtub and heated towel rails, shower cabins/ screens/ rooms/ enclosures/ panels, sauna room, massage bathtubs, bathtub jets and fixture, water heated towel rails, solar water heaters, walk in bathtub, bathroom cabinets, handles, air control button, air & water manifolds, pipe guide component, suctions, valves, bathtub drainer, plastic siphon, pillows, armrests, cushions, bathtub feet, waterfall tap, LED spa lights, LED jets, bathtub controller, heater&ozone un


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