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South Canal ( Southcanal) International Co., Ltd.


South Canal ( Southcanal) International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fishing products and golf clubs such as (1) fishing equipment- neoprene wader, nylon & PVC wader, breathable wader, breathable jackets, breathable trousers, fly rod spin rod, fly line, fly reel bags, fleece jacket & trousers, fishing shirt, field & wading boots equipments, gloves & socks, fishing cap, landing nets, fishing bag, neoprene accessory & bag, smoker cooker, sunglasses, fly mate vices, fly boxes. (2) golf- golf set, golf ball, forge iron, putter golf bag, Boston bag, travel bag with wheel, golf shoes, golf cap & Scottish straw hat, golf gift set.

Southcanal Golf entered the Golf & fishing industry in the early 90's. Past experience, customer feedback and research from golfers around the world allowed us to incorporate every possible design improvement into our products. Our commitment to the golf & fishing industry is reflected in our continuing development of quality products, which will stand the test of them. We achieve this by exhaustively testing every time to expose any weaknesses. By adhering to this winning formula, we're cofident that products in the range will give you want. We are famous for quality products coupled with great value for money. Thank you for choosing Southcanal products. We hope you will have as much fun using our products as we do.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Stephen Lin
Telephone: 886-6-2293151
Fax: 886-6-2207931
Address: Snowbee Building 6F, No. 176, 3rd Section, King-Hwa Road, Tainan 703, Taiwan
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