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Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.


Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) latex balloon and PVC giant helium balloon, promotional and advertising huge balloon, party balloon, ground inflatable balloon, bottles and drink containers and nylon arches balloon, decorative and giant air inflatable balloon, advertising and promotional balloon, hot air balloons, birthday party ( logo, company picnics, school events, fundraisers, fairs) balloon and so on. (2) accessories- inflater, ribbon, electrical blowers, holders, hand pumps. (3) automatic balloon printing machines. OEM is accepted.

Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of huge balloons for promotional and advertising purposes. Products range from small party balloons in gift packs to ground inflatable balloons shaped like bottles and drink containers and nylon arches, decorative, party and giant promotional helium and air inflatable balloons…etc. The materials used are PVC and nylon. Also, for advertising and promotional purposes, items include huge round and hot air balloons in solid, transparent and multiple colors. Besides, Tien Hsin start the nylon arches and ground inflatable balloons and rooftop balloons. The markets are birthday party, company picnics, school events, fundraisers, and fairs. Tien Hsin Chemical has very strong technologies on the latex balloon compound and balloon making machines and automatic balloon printing machines. We have top quality at competitive price, and punctual delivery and the best services. OEM orders are welcome. Welcome to browse our website for further information.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Jerry Chen
Telephone: 886-7-7884525
Fax: 886-7-7884519
Address: No. 667, Lane 665, Ta-Liau Road, Ta-Liau Township, Kaohsiung County, 0831, Taiwan
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