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Intlpak Enterprises Co., Ltd.


Intlpak Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of packaging materials and equipments include (1) films- Antifog PE/CPP film, retort PP film, CPP film, PE/EVOH multilayer film, NY/EVOH multilayer film, EL film (LLDPE film), HDPE film, nylon film-medical care package, nylon film-food package. (2) sheets- high barrier sheet, FFS High barrier PP/PS multilayer sheet, FFS PS multilayer sheet, conductive & anti-static PS sheet, PS carrier sheet (slitting, jumbo roll), tray. (3) SMT electronic component packages- (3-1) material products- (paper/PC/PS) cover tape, adhesive cover tape, anti-static bag, protective sheet. (3-2) equipment products- carrier tape forming machine, tape peel force analyzer, taping machine.

We provide environmental friendly, recyclable, low pollution for food and electrical component package. In 1991, Intlpak Enterprises Corporation is an investment from Sun A group which is the largest packaging material supplier in the Great China area. The company introduced the most advanced coextrusion technology for producing the multilayer packaging materials of sheet and film. The factory is concluded with clean room GMP strategy and also been installed with the fully automatic computer control production lines. The company occupies 27780m2 area. The products are widely used in foods, cosmetics, medical cares, industrial packages, electronic components, FPD masking and protection material, all applications according to different characters of products. In 1996, for the market of SMT usage in Tape and Reel materials, the Electronic packaging R/D center is founded to develop all the materials of from the resins compounding, sheet and film producing, forming and injection to all the production systems to provide the conductive sheet, antistatic sheet, cover tape, carrier tape, reel, dry bag, antistatic bag and others of all needed materials. In 2001, The Masking film R/D center is established also to develop the film materials for protection of TFT-LCD products from contaminations of dirty and scratch during processing or transportation. We believe that there is no end in innovation and creation, reforms set forth under our powerful spirits of team work, we will step forward into a shiny future together with this world community.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Charles Tzeng
Telephone: 886-49-2251060
Fax: 886-49-2251064
Address: No.11, Gongye N. 5th Rd., Nangang Industrial Park, Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan, R.O.C., Taiwan
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