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Ta Fung Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.


Ta Fung Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.

we provide packaging machines, stainless steel vacuum packaging machines, large stainless steel vacuum packaging machines- automatic continuous vacuum sealing & packaging machinery, soft bag vacuum flattening machines, heavy products vacuum packaging machines, double-sink stainless steel vacuum packaging machines- transparent dual tranks vacuum packing machines, dual tanks stainless steel vacuum packaging machines, dust free specialization vacuum packaging machine- single-sink stainless steel, electronic air-sucking vacuum sealing & packing machines, vacuum sealers, automated equipments & production system, packaging materials, automatic continuous vacuum sealing & packaging machines, zip lock bag.

Vacuum packaging was originated in 1940. After polyester and polyethylene film has applied to packaging since 1950, vacuum packaging machinery developed rapidly. Ta Fung Machine manufacturer specializing in vacuum packaging machinery for 25 years, acquired techniques from oversea machinery, then improved and applied them to develop the brand-new machines that meet needs of domestic markets. The relentless efforts no the improvement has earned the company solid reputation in the industry. Even though in recession of slim profits, Ta Fung Machine ows steadily with down-do-earth attitude by the president Huang, Jun Jie. Not satisfied with the success and considerable experiences for more than 20 years in vacuum packaging industry, Ta Fung Machine has been dedicated to strengthening key components, such as applying sandblasting and electrolysis on stainless steel materials to enhance acid and alkali resistances, and strengthen power and apply self-improving vacuum techniques to increase efficiency and durability. In addition, the vacuum valve, which is distinguished from those in market, features large volume of flow and humid resistance are great for vacuum packaging of electronics.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Chun-Chieh Huang
Telephone: 886-7-3746868
Fax: 886-7-3746869
Address: No. 27, Alley 1, Lane 267, Zunlin Rd., Zunwu Township, Kaohsiung County 814, Taiwan
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laminated plastic film, polycello,
laminated pearl film, laminated aluminium foil,
mylar aluminium foil tape, P.T.P aluminium foil,
vacuum retort pouches, anti-Static metallized bag/ film,
anti-static laminated Al. foil, special multi layer film,
easy-peel multi layer film, functional PE film, stand & zipper pouch.


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