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Microtips Technology Inc.


Microtips Technology Inc.

We specialize in manufacturing- (1) LCD module, LCD modules LCD display module, display modules, (2) character LCDs- COB & COG character modules. (3) graphic LCD module-OB, TAB and COG modules. (4) color LCDs- color TFT & STN modules.

Microtips Technology strives to be one of the pioneers in new LCD technologies, to evolve with the needs of our customers, and to provide the best possible prices with short lead times. Established in 1990, we are now one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of LCD modules. Today, we produce a full gamut of color and monochrome character, graphic, and custom-made LCD modules. Additionally, we have the ability to produce foremost technology trends such as Color STN, FSTN, Chip on Glass, Chip on Board, Tape Automated Bonding, and integrated Touch Panels. Further, we offers complete turnkey solutions such as design and product development for our customers (in OEM Design and Manufacturing). We have ensured that the manufacturing plants in Taiwan and mainland China are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Their above standard quality control measures have won us the merit of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified Control and Assurance. We believe in building a close rapport with our customers and the sales staff takes extreme pride in their customers' end products. Our highly trained sales staff and engineers offer unparallel local technical support in order to ensure the success of your design. We greatly appreciate the prospect of introducing ourselves and our products to your company.
Categories:   Lcd Display Modules   Graphic LCD Module   LCD Module   TFT LCD Modules
Country: Taiwan
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