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Je Ni International Co., Ltd.


Je Ni International Co., Ltd.

Main products are auto accessory and parts, such as autos mats & cushions, seat covers, anti scratch & solar window films, decorative films, HID lights, hose clamps, oil caps, PVA chamois, wheel covers, sun shades & visors, tapes, tow ropes, wiper blades, air horns & filters, boost gauges, booster cables, bumpers, clocks, compasses, central locks, cleaning articles, door edge guards, fashion stickers, flashlights, head lights, tail lights, cellular phone holders, jacks, mirrors, mufflers, multi purpose trays, neon products, pedals, pedal pads, seat belts, shift knobs, smart pockets, spare tire carriers, super glues, vacuum cleaners, valves, belt clips, EVA foam tapes, exhaust pipes, spoilers, OPP & insulating tapes, military horns, fog lamps, air fresheners, air & auto mobile horns, air filters, clear bonds, cigarette lighters, cold patches, dash boards, driving visors, double side foam tapes, A.B. glue, hoses, hoods, ice barrels, PVA synthetic chamois, roof racks, shifting knobs, spoilers, tire seals, trim rings, license frames, car grilles, safety films, class decorative films, key chains, reflectors, OEM, ODM.

Je Ni International Co., Ltd., established in 1986, is a manufacturer and exporter of auto accessories & components. Our products are inclusive of solar window film, double side foam tape, sun shade, hose clamp, cable ties, PVA synthetic chamois, auto mobile horn, wiper blade, head/ tail light, tow rope, valves, door edge guard, booster cable, license frame, ABS wheel cover, trim ring, air horn, car mat, car grille, mirror, oil cap, pedal, and so on. Effective manages and active attitude is our warranty to our clients. Through our professional and global experience to satisfy clients' needs, moreover, obtain the reliability with strictly quality control during past two decades. Hence, we have successfully promoted our products across abroad as well especial Australia, Europe, Netherlands, Japan, Middle East, Middle-South America, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Rep., Korea, Kuwait, Egypt, and Brazil. Networking is the trend nowadays & hereafter. From receipt of the orders to shipment, we record very detail, make prompt delivery, & fine services by computer consistently and correctly. Meanwhile, we send our latest E-catalogues to our current & potential clients in casual to move their products suitably. These are also the reasons why our clients choose us to be their supplier and continue coming back. Internationalization is our principle to keep going on and on. Create the mutual profits & win-win association between JE NI & clients as the goal we are striving toward. We believe, in the future, above characteristic of ours will be a great asset to your business. " Brand is promise " we shall go on providing you our " best quality products" with " the best services" in the future. Hope you have a great time to review our website and enjoy yourself in JE NI products.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mrs. Janey Wang
Telephone: 886-6-2566958
Fax: 886-6-2566956
Address: No. 183, Lane 622, Sec. 1, Anjhong Rd., Tainan 709, Taiwan
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