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Billion Electric Co., Ltd.


Billion Electric Co., Ltd.

(1) ISDN products- ISDN TA128 + mini PBX + IP router, external ISDN TA, ISDN a/b adaptor
, ISDN PCMCIA card , passive card, ISDN card.(2) telecommunication product,
fax/ modem products- external 56k bps data/ fax/ voice/ SP modem, internet access solution.
Categories:   56K Modems   External Fax Modems   Fax Modems   IP PBX   ISDN Modems   ISDN Routers   PBX   PC PBX
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Related Manufacturers

Aceex Corporation

modem and ISDN products, desktop vedio conferencing system,
, ISDN-card internal passive ISDN card
, ISDN-CARD internal passive ISDN-PCI card,
ISDN-TA external ISDN terminal adaptor,
ISDN-TA/MLP external ISDN terminal adaptor
ISDN- router, USB & internal voice/ fax/ modem
, PCI internal voice/ fax/ modem, ADSL modem.

Askey Computer Corp.

(1) communication products- 56K data/ fax modem
ISDN terminal adapter, cable modem, ADSL modem.
(2) multi-media- video conference system, video phones,
TV viewer kit, USB digital camera, scan converter,
VGA-to-TV box.(3) soho solotion- ISDN router , remote access servers, internet access set-top box.
(4) Lan products.

ZyXEL Communications, Inc.,

total internet access solutions-
ISDN, data/ fax/ voice modem, ISDN terminal adapters, ISDN router, and modem router, remote access
router, WAN routers, SOHO& SMB router, IDSL multi-protocol bridge& router, compatible LAN&
WAN data communications products.

Pacific Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

(1) communications terminal equipment- ISDN CPEs, ADSI telephones,
ISDN network terminator.
(2) internet products- ISDN routers, ISDN modem for PC.
(3) electric wire & cable test equipment- lasermeter, spark tester,
optical outer diameter variation detector, on-line wire insulation tester.

CastleNet Technology Inc.

networking and communications, LAN/ WAN products-
local area networking products- ethernet, fastEthernet and gigabit
ethernet switching hub, intelligent switch, router.
wide area networking products- analog modem, ISDN + voice, xDSL,
cable modem, internet access LAN, ADSL modem with
router, IR LAN.

Taicom Data Systems o., Ltd.

telephony and ISDN/ internet access products, ISDN terminal adapter S/ T/ U interface models,
router, PC modem, remote access, pair gain series.


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