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Powerteks Enterprise Corp.


Powerteks Enterprise Corp.

Manufacturer of hand power tools, electric bevellers, electrical drills, electronic mixers, electric shears, polisher saws, circular saws, screwdriver machines, dry and wet vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, RO machines, vacuum cleaners, DC motors, carbon brushes, electric auto repair tools, auto body tools, hammer drills, electric screw drivers, torque wrench, metallurgical microscopes, and garden power tool.

Powerteks Enterprise Corp. is an ISO9001 certified factory manufacturing all types of power tools, including power drills, power screwdrivers and polish saw. Over the years the company has developed an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and techniques. In order to keep up with the development in technology of power tools, our engineers use the latest CAD/CAM software to produce superior quality, precision engineering's. Therefore, the company has the capability and adaptability to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of international clients. With continued dedication and commitment to excellence, the power tools delivered to clients are highly satisfied and earned great reputation for both its designs and performances. We really appreciate our customer make us having such a good reputation. And we are strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested in our product or you want to inquiry, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Jian Shing Lee
Telephone: 886-5-5575670
Fax: 886-5-5576050
Address: No.61, Dou Kon 6th Rd., Dou-Liou, Yun Lin County 640, Taiwan
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