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APM Co., Ltd.


APM Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of wireless antennas and other RF transmission devices, including (1) antennas- base station antennas, dual band 2.4/5.8GHz antennas, 2.4/ 3.5/ 5.0GHz antennas, 11N directional mimo panel antennas, GMS/CDMA/GPS antennas, rubber antennas. (2) wireless access point- wireless surveillance solution, outdoor mesh, 5.8GHz & 2.5GHz & 2.3GHz wireless system, 2.4GHz outdoor & indoor wireless system, VoIP gateway solution. (3) RF amplifiers. (4) wireless accessories- splitter, surge protector, poe, RF connector/ adapter/ assemblies cable, casing. (5) IP camera & DVR- IP cameras, video servers, DVR, video scanner. (6) GSM/GPS tracking system- personal tracker, super guard GPS vehicle. (6) cellular phone repeater.

APM Co., Ltd. predominantly produces wireless antennas and other RF transmission devices. As the sole company in Taiwan manufacturing dual-band and broad-band outdoor antennas, we host the talent and hardware essential for your audio needs. Our 5.1 to 5.9GHz, 3.3 to 3.8GHz and 2.1 to 2.6GHz outdoor broad-band antennas are geared to suit both European and American markets. We have approximately thirteen years of international trading experience and our R&D department that with over a decade of experience produces three new products every season. At APM, we offer wireless LAN items, GPS, CCTV, DVR and antenna related products to buyers in UK, India, America, Singapore and Russia. Existing clients include D-Link, Netgear and Senao. Quick production means that we are able to dispatch your orders in four to six weeks. Samples are available in a fortnight. Explore the APM showroom for explicit product features.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Tony Hu
Telephone: 886-2-89431966
Fax: 886-2-89434944
Address: 22F.-6, No.180, Jingping Rd., Jhonghe City, Taipei County 114, Taiwan
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