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Evercom Communication Tech Co., Ltd.


Evercom Communication Tech Co., Ltd.

We manufacture communication antennas, including UHF antenna, VHF antenna, GPS antenna, antenna amplifier, omni directional antenna, citizen band antennas, GSM antennas, WiMAX antenna, RFID antenna, dvb-t antenna, dish antenna, antenna mount, NMO mount, VHF UHF antenna, magnetic antenna, wireless antenna, yagi antenna, tri band antenna, 802.11 b antenna, 802.11 antenna, parabolic antenna, quad band antenna, car antenna, cb antenna, dual band antenna, antenna brackets, wifi antenna, mobile antenna, cellular antenna, antenna whip, dipole antenna, small antenna, rubber duck antenna, on glass antenna, wireless wifi antenna, DV mount, pole mount, crimping tool, connector, and so on.

Evercom was started in 1993 and over the past years have grown to be the Taiwan's leading manufacturer and exporter of Communication Antennas. We specialize in the design and manufacture of wireless LAN antennas, mobile cellular antennas, GPS antennas, and etc. All Evercoms' products are designed to enable easy installation of factory fitted or aftermarket accessories. We want the consumers enjoy the luxurious of life through safe & good quality of communication. Evercom manufactures all communication antennas on site in Taiwan. Our Manufacturing team offers unrivalled experience and expertise which enable Evercom to offer a wide range of both standard and specialized products to our customers. We believe that the production of high quality goods is synonymous with the Evecom Brand that is why every product manufactured by Evercom is tested before it is dispatched.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Joying Cheng
Telephone: 886-3-3765678
Fax: 886-3-3765319
Address: No. 108, Jiesin Street, Taoyuan County 33063, Taiwan
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