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Tainan Electronics Co., Ltd.


Tainan Electronics Co., Ltd.

we provide CATV/ SMATV equipment- matching transformers, filters, rf Service ( coaxial, zinc) connectors, attenuators, two way splitters, inline surge protectors, CATV security shield tools, CATV security sleeves, TV boosters, electrical and telecommunication equipment- stainless steel bands, copper earth grounding rods, grounding rods, cars accessories- 5 ( 10) amp noise filters, audio system ground isolators, 2 or 4 channel line out converters, car stereo to amplifiers/ equalizers, battery and alternator checkers, mini ( field strength, power) SWR meters, antenna and related accessories- a-823 strap-on standoffs with insulators, a-826 u-bolt with clamps, a-853 3 1/2" wood screw standoffs with insulators, a-335 dual guy wire mast clamps, a-336 guy wire anchors, a-337 guy wire turnbuckles, OEM, ODM.

Established in 1970, Tainan Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronics manufacturer. Since 1990, we started to computerize our company. Through it, our management becomes very smooth and it simplifies many procedures to raise the production efficiency hugely. Now, we have the strict quality control to implement the ISO9001. With our abundant experiences, we offer goods to our customers with reliable quality and competitive prices. We mainly take the ODM and OEM order, what you see on web are just small portions of our products. To have a better resolution and get a quick response, please contact us with your specs right away. We will do our best to satisfy you.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Kelly Hsu
Telephone: 886-6-5980898
Fax: 886-6-5981720
Address: No. 158-5,ChiuanShing Village,ShinHua Township, Tainan County 712, Taiwan
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Audio video cable assembly

audio video in-wall stainsteel plate

RCA/TV/Speaker/Coaxial/Scart cable and wire

Audio music travel kit and adapters (adaptors)

2. PC & mobilephone cable solution:

USB cable and usb Kit

Digital camera and mobilephone USB data cable

USB travel kit

USB mobilephone charger kit, USB solar charger kit

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