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Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd.


Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd.

1. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Castings.
2. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Ball Valves.
3. Stainless Steel Flanges.
4. Stainless Steel Gate valves, Globe Vales, Check Valves, Y Strainers.
5. Pipe Fittings.
6. Sanitary Valves & Fittings.

Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd. was founded in June 1981, and has now expanded to two plants. Sand-cast plant-initially, it produces carbon steel, steel alloy and stainless steel related machinery parts, motor parts sand-casting, and has continued to develop new products over time to join flange, container truck trailer parts and roadway construction parts production. The other is machinery plant-in support of business growth and actual needs; the machinery plant has been expanded on Gong-3 Road in 1990, and has begun to product ball valves. Lung Yun 's capitalization has grown form $2.15 million in initial startup to $21.50 million at present. Main business and products are increment-free, variable speed motor parts, pipeline fittings in largely of flanges and ball valves, ball, Trailer part, cast iron and high-magnesium steel, wear-resistant rotors. Steel alloys in primarily of steel balls and valve parts. Production output has grown from the initial monthly sales of NT$1 million, to now NT$10 million in sales per month. The company, though has been affected by finances, technology and economic downturn during its initial inception, has in three occasions been nominated by TECO Electric And Machinery Ltd. as outstanding supplier through constant efforts and a development program for training professional technical talents, and is satisfactorily assessed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Industrial Development as qualified TECO satellite manufacturing plant. On quality policy, we got approved by ISO 9001, CRN, and CE. They are all identify ensure our quality system. Presently, the Taiwan plants are dedicating in enhancing high pressure valve, and the casting of high-end steel alloys, as well as equipment upgrade. At opportune timing, a valve assembly plant is to be installed in China. To step up sales focusing on experts, with outsourcing from Taiwan or Mainland China sought for items the company does not produce, with plans to set up production and marketing hub in China to expand the company's marketing dynamics.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Piyn Juo
Telephone: 886-4-26817600
Fax: 886-4-26813474
Address: No. 20, Gong-3 Rd., Jih Nan Li, Tachia Township, Taichung County 437, Taiwan
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