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Ji-Shen Electronic Co., Ltd.


Ji-Shen Electronic Co., Ltd.

we provide burglar systems-siren, receiver, transmitters, smoker, gas detectors, glass vibration sensors, door and window vibration sensors, building management RF remote control series of rolling door, transmitters, receiver, digital displayers, rolling doors, rolling shutters, rolling operators, rolling motors, motorbike alarms, automobile alarms, automatic doors, UPS of rolling doors, general rolling door of RF remote controls, electric locks RF remote controls, switch and electronic household units, various transmitter plastic cases, photocell sensors, power supply, UPS of rolling doors, all mechanisms of automatic doors, the operator of rolling door and all its relevant accessories, vehicle alarm both in scooter and automobiles, any electronic units Specific wireless remotes, barrier wireless ( RF) remote controls, awning wireless ( RF) remote controls, DIY anti-burglar home security alarm, rolling door security sensors, switch or electric lock wireless ( RF) remote controls, power supply (supplies), Photocell sensor, various transmitter plastic cases, curtain remote controls, wireless ( RF) remote controls, rolling door wireless ( RF) remote controls, gate wireless ( RF) remote controls, diy burgular wireless and burgular alarms, smokers, gas detectors, door window door motion and wireless photocell sensor, RF modules, RF remote controls, RF remotes, RF receivers, RF transmitters, radio frequency remotes, radio frequency remote controls, rolling doors, rolling shutters, roll up and metal roll up door, indutrial roll up, roll up door opener, roll up steel and garage doors, back up power supply, automatic doors, automatic sliding and auto doors, automatic door systems, door, sliding door and door slidings, car alarm systems- car alarm installations, automobile alarm systems, automobile and automate car alarms, car alarm sirens, car alarm remotes, scooter alarms, barrier traffics, barrier entry, barrier gates, barrier gate operators, curtain, curtain remote controls, remote control curtains, sliding gates, gate openers, gates.

Ji-Shen Electronic Co., Ltd. manufacturer and designer of all wireless remotes which can be used by rolling-doors, barrier, automatic doors, sliding gates, swing gates, awning, curtains, electronic-households, electric locks, motors, scooters, automobiles and specific units together. In addition, we also manufacture the operators of automatic door, rolling doors, barrier and all relevant accessories of rolling door and UPS of rolling door. This is our motto, “Customer always right.” Therefore, we insist on providing high quality product and excellent service for our customer. We are friendly for you come and replies.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Cynthia Tao
Telephone: 886-7-3517851#206
Fax: 886-7-3521055
Address: 2F, No. 17, Li Ann Rd., Nantzu Dist., Kaohsiung City 811, Taiwan
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