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Global-power Co., Ltd.


Global-power Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial material handling equipments and accessories, including (1) fork lift trucks- forklift trucks, traction trucks, forklifts, forklift truck parts, trucks, gasoline and diesel engine forklift trucks, heavy forklifts, forklifters, forklifts machines, telescopic forklifts, LPG forklift, four/ three wheel forklift trucks, automatic and mechanical transmission electrical forklifts, IC counter balance forklifts, electric counter balance fork lift trucks, hinged forks, fork positioners, custom forklifts, OEM and ODM forklift trucks. (2) forklift accessories- bale clamps, paper roll clamps, carton clamps, sideshifters, turnaloads, fork extensions, carpet booms.

Global-Power Co., Ltd. is proud to introduce to you this company as a quality & friendly priced forklift manufacturer from China as follows: Global-Power was set up in 2001 on an owned land of 60, 000 square meters in the Jiaozhou Bay Yinghai Industrial Estate of Qingdao, a scenery coastal city located in the Northeast of China, where the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta is going to be held. Global-Power Co., Ltd. started its formal production from 2002 with annual capacity of nearly 10,000 units of forklifts. The models of G.CPOWER forklift are compact and have obtained the certification of CE and ISO 9000, with the weight-capacities from 1.5 to 10 tons of diesel, 1.5 to 5 tons of gasoline and 1.5 to 3T of electrical forklift, which have so far won good reputation among customers from Europe, Middle East, U.S A., Canada, Southeast Asia, etc. Sincerely, you would be warmly welcome to visit Global-Power's factory here in Qingdao whenever you had a plan to come to China. Global-Power Co., Ltd. has been making every endeavor to better the quality of their product and to research for manufacturing technology. While Global-Power's business is expanding into the international market, doctors of mechanics and technicians, professional and experienced, are employed in their department of researching and development. The well-organized team in this department not only makes their forklifts win the pioneering prestige in the industrial field but also designs specified machines to meet individual customers' need. To satisfy Global-Power's customers is their constant policy.
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Country: China
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Contact Person: Ms. Ringo Huang
Telephone: 886-4-25666100
Fax: 886-4-25671670
Address: Jiaozhou Bay Yinghai Industry Park, Qingdao City, Shandong Province 266318, China
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