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Top-Green Corporation


Top-Green Corporation

Manufacturer and exporter of self drilling tapping taptite screws, various special screws, rings, washers, spring pins & various stamping parts, milled press parts, stainless screw & bolts (nuts), electronics screws, hose clamps, brass inserts, machine screws, carbon steel/ stainless steel 302, 304, 410 self-drilling screws, 410T self tapping screws, thread forming screws, euro screws, flooring panel screws, high low thread screws, plastics screws, specialty coating screws, screw tail dies, window screws, roofing screws, wingteks, wings, SEMS screws, metal nuts, washers, dowel pins, OEM/ ODM hardwares, hexagon washer (wafers, flat) head self tapping screws, multistage special screws, steel machined parts, special surface plating screws, dies for teks screws, building screws, reamer self drilling screws, and etc.

Top-Green Corporation is famous fastener manufacturer in Taiwan. Since 1995, our major products such as self-drilling screws, tapping screws, machine screw, building screw, window screw, special screw & bolt, are used in building works, construct part, furniture, machine, and electronics. We passed the ISO-9002 certification, gained the "Golden Beer" award in 1997 of Taiwan Superior Enterprise, gained the best quality evaluation of Top Golden” award in metal business field in 2001 from widely business type and gained "Golden fine quality" award from customer commodity in 2001. Our business concepts are best quality control, reasonable profit business, meet customer's satisfactions, meet self's satisfactions, do reasonable business, do reasonable business for company, creating a better company, customers, and colleagues interaction for a better operating, systems and business opportunities. Top-Green Corporation is not only specializing in screw of product manufacturer, but also we are professional on steel machined parts providing. In the future, we are looking forward to you inquiry issue and purchase order. Welcome to contact us for more details.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Linda
Telephone: 886-7-6161618
Fax: 886-7-6142230
Address: No. 255, Anjhao Rd., Yanchao Township, Kaohsiung County 82448, Taiwan
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