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Industrial Chassis

There are 31 manufacturers in this Industrial Chassis category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Industrial Chassis Manufacturers & Industrial Chassis Suppliers

CD Sota Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

(1) industrial supply ( supplies)- rack enclosure chassis, rack mount ( rackmount) cases, outdoor-used ( outdoor used) cabinets, waterproof ( water-proof, water proof) cabinets, pole mount cabinets, elevator control ( control) cabinets, industry equipment cabinets, custom-made ( custom made, custommade, customed, tailor-made, tailor made, designs, designeds, designers, designings) cabinet racks, ISO racks, wall mount rackings, desktop server supports, rack enclosure chassis, rack mount chassis, industrial c...

Advantech Co., Ltd : Industrial Chassis

computers & PC peripherals- embedded single board computers, industrial computer chassis, industrial servers, industrial motherboards, medical computing, panel PC, PICMG single board computers, embedded single board computers, computer on modules, embedded & industrial computing, communications & networking devices, eServices & applied computing, multi-functional panel PCs, fanless panel pc, medical desktop computers, handheld terminals, tablet pc, digital signage, industrial automation.

Portwell, Inc. : Industrial Chassis

1. industrial computer service- single-board computers ( SBCs), industrial grade backplanes, industrial motherboards ( main boards) & extension boards, industrial chassis, 19" 1u/2u/3u/4u/6u rackmount ( rack mount), 6/8-slot industrial node chassis, power supply, open frame power supplies, adapters, extension cables, accessories & peripherals, embedded pc chassis, modular computer, embedded system board, embedded rugged fan-less systems, rugged & stylish industrial mini-ITX bare bone cases, digital sec...

Jumbo Technology Corp. : Industrial Chassis

computers & PC peripherals- broadcast rack mount monitor, broadcast rack mount monitors. (1) MP3 player, MP3 players, MP4 players, iPod, MP3 player speakers, MPEG audio layer 3, digital MP4 & MPEG 4 players, portable MP3 player, MP3 player work, manual MP4 players. (2) drawer KVMs, keyboard video mouse switches, electrical switch, USB KVM switches ( switcher, switching) & boxes, console, extender, solution, review, cable, auto, PS2, discount, dual, extension & digital KVM, KVM mount rack stations, external ...

Morningstar Tech. Corp : Industrial Chassis

fully 2.5" and 3.5" ( inch) external hard drive enclosures- (1) 3.5” USB2.0 (OTB) backup drive Enclosure. (2) 3.5" 3 in 1 external HDD cases (IDE to USB2.0, SATA to SATA , SATA to USB2.0 ). (3) 3.5" USB2.0 enclosures +LAN+ FTP server function. (4) 3.5" Hdd case + LCD display (showing hard disk temperature + fan LED alarm control ). (5) 2.5" USB OTG external enclosures+ MP3 player + voice recorder. (6) 3.5" aluminum MP4 player (sigma chipset) . (7) 3.5" SATA to E-SATA...

Hunter Hawk Industrial Corp. : Industrial Chassis

Manufacturer of (1) plastic injection moldings, mold making and castings, shaft couplings, metal fabrications, metal casting, machining parts, right angle gear drives, spiral bevel gear drives, shaft coupling, rubber molding, CNC machining, DC motors, PU wheel, car dolly, boat tubes, garden toy parts, coffee maker parts, forgings, alum extrusions, seat belts, safety straps, water games, brake calipers & shoes & master cylinders, PVC tube, PU foam pads & wheels, generators, platform cart, U boat carts, pulle...

Prestige Technology Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

auto part, industrial driveshafts, drive shaft, performance tuning part, performance auto parts, manual gear shift knobs, auto gear shift knobs, aluminum wheel nuts, valve caps, performance meter, magnetic oil tank vent screws, lengthened wheel bolts, steering wheel height adjuster, aluminum wheel axle widening shim, adapter, chassis connecting rod, aluminum lower control arm, oil coolers, aluminum pulleys, ATV driveshafts, outboard parts, utility sports parts.

Wercs Technology Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

industrial supplies & machinery equipments & tools parts- (1) screw, screws- self-tapping, self-drilling, machine, chipboard, sems, stainless steel, thread forming, taptite and socket HD cap screws. (2) bolts- hex HD, carriage, flange, T-HD, wheel and eye bolts. (3) nuts- hex, square, weld, nylon insert lock, tee, flange, wing, rivet, prevailing torque, wheel, conical and kep nuts. (4) washers- flat, spring and int/ext tooth lock washers. (5) other fasteners- pins, keys, rivets, thread rods, customer's draw...

Cheng Fwa Industrial Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis


1. Metal chassis and cover, LCD TV brackets, TFT backlight bazel and frame.

2. Shielding cans, aluminum stamping parts, metal parts for car industry.

3. Metal stampings for telecommunication and networking industry.

4. Metal case for IPC server and assembly, computer peripheralst.

Sheet metal:

1. NCT punching works and laser cutting.

2. Rackmount parts.

3. Prototype fabrication.

4. Soft tool produc...

Shun Li Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

We provide each kind of ductile iron, gray iron and alloy steel castings manufacturing, mold making, machining products, motor and reduction device parts, cars parts, components of oil drilling, pump and valve parts, grate, pan and pot, machinery parts, enamel products, chassis parts, brake disks, brake drum wheels, brake master cylinders, piston calipers, differentials, knuckles, support units, bearing covers, bearings and the like. OEM & ODM projects are very welcome.

Boser Technology : Industrial Chassis

industrial computer- single board computer, embedded single board computers, industrial computer source, embedded industrial computers, panel PC, bare bone, chassis, backplane, mini PCI.

Mapower Electronics Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

(1) computer parts & peripherals, specialising in external drive enclosures, rack mount cases,
industrial storage chassis, multiple bay tower cases, mobil rack & heat terminator.
(2) PC digital camera ( video conference), USB & parallel port PC camera.

Image & Shapetek Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

computer parts- computer cases, multimedia cases,
rack mount rugged industrial PC chassis, and speakers.

Uerro Industrial Co., Ltd.-Industrial Computer Manufacturer : Industrial Chassis

Best industrial computer, IPC including industrial workstation, industrial flat-panel monitor, industrial computer,
industrial all-in-one CPU card, industrial PC chassis& passive backplane.

Alptech Logic Products : Industrial Chassis

embedded computer, embedded single board computers, industrial computer source, embedded industrial computers, CD ROM drives, computer case, HDD, industrial rack mount chassis & node chassis.

Comix International Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

computer compoents& peripherals including concentrators/ hubs, desktop& tower cases,
external enclosures, industrial PC chassis.

Macase Industrial Corp. : Industrial Chassis

computer peripherals including various kinds of PC desktop& tower cases, industrial
computers( IPC/ storage chassis), storage boxes, rack mounts, server housings (RAID,
networking, etc.)

STS Tecom Co., Ltd. : Industrial Chassis

computer peripherals including various kinds of PC desktop& tower cases, industrial
PC chassises, monochrome monitors, switching power supplies.

Amaquest Data Storage Inc. : Industrial Chassis

computer components& peripherals including industrial PC chassises, interactive TV set-
top boxes, internet terminals (NC, netPC, etc.), optical disk arrays, DVD Server enclosures/
controllers, RAID systems, rack mounts, server housings& cases ( RAID, networking, etc.)

Trans 2000 Inc. : Industrial Chassis

computer components including industrial PC desktop& tower cases/ chassis for ATX/
AT power.


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