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LCR Meters

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Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

testing equipment& measuring instrument, multimeters, environmental
protection instrument tachometer, stroboscope, sound level meter, clamp
meter& car tester, infrared thermometer, light meter, humidity meter,
anemometer, scale balance, oxygen meter, PH meter, multimeter, LCR
meter, capacitance tester conductivity meter, insulation tester,
vibration meter, pressure meter, torque meter, moisture meter, power
analyzer, ultrasonic detector, insulation testers, milliohm

Twintex Instrument Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic componentss- LCR meter, LCD testing equipment, oscilloscopes, electronic meters, DC power supplies, frequency transformers, electrostatic testers, safety testers, DC power supply.

Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

a wide spectrum of digital instruments- digital measuring instruments,
multimeters, car testers, bench type frequency counter, heavy duty, 2000 Amp DC/AC clamp meter.
scales& balances, humidity sensors, thermometers, LCR meters etc..

Tes Electrical Electronic Corp.

digital mulitmeter, multifunction clamp meter, capacitance meter, LCR meter,
RPM meter, digital sound level meter, humidity/ temperature meter, light meter,
insulation tester, noise dose meter, power supply, power inverter.

Tecpel Corporation., Ltd.

(1) electronic& electrical instrument including power supplies, tools, infrared thermometers,
digital/ power clamp/ lux/ humidity& temperature/ LCR Meters.
(2) welding handtools including soldering and de-soldering guns, multiple electrical desoldering

Escort Instruments Corporation

test& measurement equipments, automotive diagnostic analyzers& data acquisition& controls
including process/ TC calibrators& meters, handheld digital multimeters, bench top digital
multimeters, digital storage oscilloscopes, thermometers, handheld digital, LCR meters,
bench top digital LCR meters, Clamp-On Meters, frequency counters, DC power supplies,
function generators, automotive DMM/ diagnostic analyzers.

Motech Industries Inc.

electornic test& measurement instruments including power supplies, function
generators, power clamp meters, LCR meters, digital multimeters, DC electronic
loads, transmission line testers.

TECPEL Co., Ltd.

power supplies, digital multimeters, power/ LCR/ sound level/ clamp- on meters, digital thermometers,
powerful deslodering/ soldering guns, multiple electric deslodering tools.

Chroma Ate Inc.

DC electronic load, AC power source, LCR meter, hipot tester, video pattern generator, automated optical inspection, PXI, PXI chassis, telecom power system, UPS, SMR, switching mode rectifier, video microscope, color analyzer, switching power supply ATS, harmonics ATS.


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